July 4th in Flagstaff

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I'm heading to Flag for the holiday weekend to visit my son (NAU) and I want to bring my Teryx. Can anyone give me some ideas for some places to go. I've been to Cinders so I'm looking for real trails or rocks not just cinder hills. I'm not street legal yet so that may limit my options.

Any help is appreciated,
I live in Flag. There are all kinds of forest roads and trails off of Lake Mary road. That is close to NAU. By the cinders is the best. I have a 30 mile loop around there with a mix of different kinds trails. Be sure to stop at MVD at get a OHV sticker. Forest service guys can bust you without it.
No. My rhino is street legal and I had to get one. They are only $25.00. I have heard that is it a $500.oo fine without it. You just need to show them your vin number and your good.
I think it works the same as the dunes...if you have an az OHV or the cali sticker you should be good. I could be wrong though I would check with DMV to be on th save side
Yeah another cool place to go is around the Peaks out here. The trails just opened up due to the snow finally melting but there is a way to get from the cinders all the way to the back side of the peaks and that is some fun gnarly terrain.

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