itp spring series rd 2 update!!!

Dio Vonti

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Whats up guys just wanted to give you a update on the itp spring series for feb 13!

First!! The race will not be canceled!!! I have talked to the track officials and they have confirmed with how much rain is expected to hit elsinore that it will not effect the race track. The pits might be a liitle muddy but not crazy mud bog status haha

schedule! Sign ups start at 8! I will start practive around 10:30. Once you sign up you will head right over to the baja shop tech tent and get teched that way you will be ready for practice.

warning!!! the ameture sx series was moved to the same day do to rains all month. This means that there will be a sx pit area and the sx will be happening at the same time! I highly recomend to get to the track as early as possable and head right to the far back right corner. Do not park with the sx pits!!! You will not be able to hear the races schedule and most likely miss your races.

Again i thank you for your continued support and hope to see you saturday!!!!:d

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