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I just got a i-pod touch and saw the there are some apps that use the accellerometer thats built in to measure hp, 0-60, 330ft, 1/4 mile and more. I was wondering if anyone tried any of the to track mods on there utv. I don't have access to a dyno locally so anything better than nothing. There are 3 different apps pocketdyno, dynolicous, and pocket dyno+. I am going to start with the free app which is pocketdyno. The other two are $12.99 each, which if they work at all, is cheap. I will keep you guys posted on how it works. If anyone tried them let me know.

I think it works good, for free.
I first will tell you what I have done to my rhino
I have a 08 rhino w/ sheave, msd (tuned), uni filter, exhaust tip, 25" holeshots on omf beadlocks, full skids, rear bumper, hcrs spindles, rackzilla, hcr bulkheads, and nerf bars. I am guess it clocks it around 1200 lbs, the app uses the wieght so i will check it with some scales form work, I would like to see the percentages anyway.

34 HP -alittle high max acell .51 g's
2.71-60ft 7.76- 330 ft 12.41@51.25 mph 1/8 mile
16.76-1000ft 20.66@56.66 mph 1/4 mile

0-10 mph .72 0-20 1.93 0-30 3.58 0-40 6.15 0-50 11.38

Let me know what you think
I was thinking about trying one out too. How repeatable were your results? If its pretty much the same each time you do a run, I think it will be good for tracking improvements with mods.

How did you secure your iphone while doing the run?
I did 3 runs and they were very close. I used velcro and attached it to the engine cover. I have been using velcro for years on data systems on cars at work. TRY IT
I used pocketdyno for the the test but I am going to get pocketdyno+ now. There is also dynolicious. You can get pocketdyno for free and + and dynolicious are 12.99 each. Let me know what you think.
yet another freakin reason i need an i phone does it ever stop!!!!:D
I have a G1, But I bought my Daughter a Ipod Touch for her Birthday, I guess she will be loosing it for a couple hours hahaha.

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