Good Luck ChaseThisToo #195

From what I am seeing Travis raced in class16 and not Class1? Wonder why they didnt run the new car? They say that he was moving along all day!
Thanks for all the well wishes.

We had a great weekend

Didn't get the 1 done in time so we ran the 16 car in both classes.

I was first off the line in the 1600 class and lead the first lap until mile 30 when a limiter strap broke and the axle came apart. Radio'd main and pops ran a spare axle out to me in the rhino. Got it swaped out and by this time we were a lap down to the 1 cars. Ran a good second lap. The third lap the other limiter strap broke but the axle stayed together wich made far a quicker swap. Finished the last 4 laps makeing up time here and there.

Final results were we placed 4th in class 1 and 7th in class 16. Not a bad weekend except now we have to figure whats breaking the limiter straps.
Maybe you need to double the limit strap up? I see some cars that run 2 limit straps per corner?

BTW good job anyway! If you locate any pics post them up!! I was furiously trying to track down info on RDC and DirtNewz but it was limited!

Good JOB! Cant wait to see what you guys do to MORE once the C1 is ready to roll!!
Here are a few pics from this weekend. There are a few more pics out there but the sites are protected...for good reason. haha




BTW Trav, if you ever need a CO Dog in that Class1 I'm your man!! You just say the word!!! LOL
I am a buggy dork and proud of it! haha

I'll give you a heads up when we go testing to see you want to make the trip up.

We'll get you in the car I just dont think it will be in a race. You never know though right?
Hey, if you want to win decisivley you will get Joey D in the driver seat....if you just want to win, you will get me riding Co-Dawg!! Just keep that in mind Mr. Chase!!

This is me giving Armin Schwartz some pointers in you can tell by the look on his face he is blown away with my knowledge....

But if you just need a guy to man the rags the night before contingency I am good at that too!! LOL Thats the look of pure determination...I know that if that Soltek La Paz HID is clean, it will look better and in turn, I will look better.........

What ever you want to do. We are a relaxed group. If you want to be the official beer drinker you can do that as well...just as long as you do it to the best of your ability.

Go to MORE's site and print out the schedule. We will be at every race and we'd love to have you if you can make it out. I'll PM you when we test.

We'd love to have anyone out to the races for that matter!
I think we may have to take you up on there for atleast one race!!! I wish they had a UTV class so we could shoot some pics!!

We have a new division of UTVUnderground that is going to kick is going to be a trackside photo company so we need to make lots of race appearences...DARN!! LOL
SWEET hope that goes well for you! That sounds like a bitchen little venture.

That would be rad if you guys came out. Don't feel obligated but it should be fun.

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