Fox Live Valve suspension system any good for competitive racing?


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Hello! So this might be a stupid question, but I have scoured the internet in search for the answer to my question but have found ZERO valid information. My question is, are there any race teams that are actually running the Fox live valve suspension system aka Dynamics. Would putting a long travel kit on a new pro xp with dynamic confused the system? I know the system works off of sensors and different algorithms. So changing the geometry by adding longer arms and whatnot, will that mess with all the algorithms the system uses? Is it reliable in hardcore desert racing situations? Just trying to decide if getting a rzr with the dynamics suspension system is worth the extra money, if I plan on building the unit into a BITD racecar? Thank you in advance for any help on the topic!
Yes multiple teams all the way up to unlimited truck / trophy truck are using live valve. FOX is continuing to evolve the tech. You can actually have FOX help you set up your shocks for racing.

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