First look!


Retired - And Still UTVUNderground Approved!!!!
For me at least, funny how I have to look at a motocross site to get a look at the Glen Helen LOORRS track.

Props to Motocross Action Mag.

More infoHERE.



Explains why they couldnt use the MX tracks huh?
You might want to add a spot just before turn three, looking backwards on the track - that is a huge roller section, and it's really hard to get any kind of rythm there - lots of out of shaped-ness going to go on there! LOL!
Corry us photo geeks and spectators welcome a lot of out of shaped-ness to a track!!!! hahahaha Not to the tune of you guys breaking and wrecking of course but just a little out of shaped-ness makes it fun.....LOL.....j/k......kinda
Yeah...that's a not-so-technical term.....couldn't think of any technical terms that would give the same meaning - lol!!! :)

Ohhhh....yeah...they probably give you guys "safe" zones out there, huh? I didn't think of will still get some great shots - should be a fun track!
Can't wait either greg. Hope all of us have better luck with our cars. Utah was so damn hard on everything. I think everyone that raced a SR1 broke lots of shit. Biggest thing we should try is keeping it on all fours. That would be a good place to start I think. Good luck to everyone. It's gonna be my first time under the lights. Should be interesting and fun.

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