Yamaha Finally Assessing the damage


riding durty
assessing?! haha however you spell it

Anyways my rhinos but parked in the garage since the new year. Finally started taking it apart found that the Inner CV roller whatever thing with the balls in it was pulled out of the CV cup and the retainer ring was all wadded up. That should be a easy fix with just a new ring i believe? I thought you had to pull it out when you swapped the summer bros axles in so it shoudl just go right back in am i correct?

Other than that I need to find some stock spindals, and pick up Magnums Tierod kit I believe my heim joints of the DCE stearing extenders should be the same size as the Magnum tie rods so maybe i can shave a few bucks there....

I thought I had the big socket for the spindal nut what size is it?

other than that......keep on the look out for stock spindals i cant afford HCR ones at the moment cause I'm gettin some ink finally next week!
I think the socket is a 32mm but someone can confirm or tell you otherwise....

Stock spindles and get the spindle gussets from South Bay RHino.......

Magnums steering kit is the shiz!

Its called the CV Bearing Cage....replace the cir clip and you should be good to go!!!!

Dude that white hot rod you posted is SICK!!!
I have the Fabtech spindles, they are bullet proof and a fraction of other aftermarket ones. Right around 500 bucks. I did see a set of used ones for sale not too long ago (on RDC I think) but who is to say they are not bent or about to break.
They have a couple different styles. Loaded (with bearings and seals) and unloaded. Also for use with stock tie rod ends and drilled out. Maybe they are only back ordered on one type. If you cant find some I might be able to help.

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