Fastest X3 to date

Shock Therapy

Suspension Tuning
Here is a video we posted over the weekend of our shop car (pre-runner) stretching it's legs.

Here is the list of items we have on the car that helped get it to 112 mph

1. Stock engine and trans with an EVO-4RWI flash installed by Geiser Performance.
2. 35" Tensor Tires
3. Method 401R race wheels that are 15x5 with a 4/1 offset
4. C and R radiator and larger inter-cooler mounted in the bed (not that these are needed right now, just prepping for the future)
5. Various fabrication geared toward strength and longevity of the chassis when pre-running in Baja
6. Full Shock Therapy shock internals, bypass tubes and coil spring kit
7. Shock Therapy BSD tie rod kit for steering stability at all speeds
8. Shock Therapy (prototype) billet steering rack and pinion for unmatched steering box strength and stability at high speeds. Production units available in about 30 days.
9. STM Rage 4 clutch
10. Shock Therapy adjustable front and rear sway bars. Front is available in 7 days. The rear is available in 60 days.

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