ET Motopark(AZ) race this weekend April 25th


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Race dates:

April 25th 2009 Gates 7am Practice will start after 8:30am on the Quad trac

i was told if we have at leats two cars we can race. but two is no fun. who's interested?
I'll come race with my wifes car. Can't race mine it's getting ready for Lucus Oil @ Speedword the following weekend. Let me know if people are going to show up.
is that thing going to be done by june 6th?

lets hope so. crankworks has been really backed up. should get it back this week. and then it takes champ a day to get the motor back together and in the car. no rush thou - Im not worried-my rhino is the last thing on my mind right now.
anyone else showing up??? Mega.. maybe if i can talk Brian B into letting me "test" his rotax rhino when its done, i'll throw down with you out there one of these days. I love that track.. its soo much fun in a UTV.. all the local fools should head out there!

i have given up trying to get guys to race. i am going to work instead of going to the track. gotta work quite a few saturdays to save up and race these damn $500 entry fee races.

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