Eclipse LED 42" Light bar Test vs Rigid Industries 40"


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Eclipse LED 42†LED light bar

So I recently purchased the 42†LED light bar from Eclipse LED after I saw a buddy who was running it on his trophy truck in the Reno to Vegas race. This last weekend I group of us went up to Reno to do some testing (aka excuse leaving town).

UTV’s: Rhino 660 equipped with 42†Eclipse LED light bar. Teryx equipped with 40†E series Rigid light bar.

Price: 42†Eclipse LED bar- $1,199. 40†Rigid Industries bar- $1299.

Once we pulled up to camp with my recently purchased Weekend Warrior Full Throttle trailer which I am in love with, we soon figured out that we were stuck in some wet silt that took down the three axle trailer like quick sand! We unloaded the utv’s and pulled that bad boy out.
Terrain: The terrain we were riding was mostly wide open desert to high mountain desert.
The results: After coming back to camp for dinner and some libation, we hit the desert just as the sun was going down to see if these lights were worthy. As darkness fell I flipped the switch on the eclipse LED bar and WOW!!!! This light lit up not just in front of me but a good amount on each side which really helped with cornering. I was always impressed to see how well the rigid 40†worked on my buddies teryx which was an astonishing amount of light compared to the PIAA’s I use to have on my rhino. We made our way to a wide open area to compare light output between the 42†and the 40â€ÂÂ.

Test: We lined up side by side with about a 50ft space in between us and turned on the lights to compare. Between the two the light output was almost identical. We both could see about 200 yards out into the desert. When we walked about 100 yards in front of our utv’s, the light was blinding. I was really impressed with these lights and it was well worth the money.

Dust: As we made our 20 mile trip back to camp we took turns getting dusted to see how the lights would do with a fog –dust situation (Keep in mind these are not amber colored). Both of the lights seemed to work identical through the dust. With heavy, thick dust there was some reflection, but with lighter dust it seemed to cut through and have nice visibility.

LED vs. Stator’s: The lights did great with the power that the stock stator produced. My battery gauge was running at 12-13 volts while driving and about 10 volts at idle.

Conclusion: We had a great weekend in the desert and this was kind of a first for me to do a lot of night driving. I always had lights that could get you back to camp, but never intentionally leave camp at night to go smashing around the desert. My buddy was overly surprised by how well my 42†worked and couldn’t believe the price I got it for. The comparison between the rigid and the eclipse was pretty much identical. The durability of the light is great so far but we will see. All in all both the lights worked awesome and they both matched up pretty close in performance, although I felt that the eclipse LED 42 had a little more light disbursement on the side then the rigid did, but that could be bias considering the eclipse led was my light and the extra 2†inches could of helped. The Rigid light seemed to have a bit farther spot in the beam pattern. A big thanks goes out to Eclipse LED and Rigid Industries for making some great products and having some great customer service when ordering and asking questions.
This is the same light bar Vision X sells.
The manufacturer apparently is now selling to more than just Vison X.

Saving $500 on the same product works for me.
So I have been super busy with work, and the other day i was looking throught the camera and stumbled across some pictures that I took for the Eclipse LED light bar that i purchased about a year ago, i must say that it hasnt let me down yet

View attachment 3886

View attachment 3887

View attachment 3888

View attachment 3889

View attachment 3890

Hope ya'll are doing good, im planning to pick up a commander xt 1000 for this summer and will mount the eclipse led 42" on it aswell, have been very pleased with this light and thought id contribute my .02 cents:)


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Looks like a good light but Rigid Industries are by far the brightest out there. Vision X vs Rigid really isnt a comparison....but for $500 cheaper...most will want a bright, cheaper light but you get what you pay for and is true with lights. I would too ! LOL.



Thanks for the reply,

Yea I totally agree, i was new to the whole led/hid lighting scene until i went to the reno/las vegas run and saw the light output of my buddies class A buggy. He's the one that refered me to the eclipse led light bars. I was confused because it looks so much like the vision x light bar, so I called the Eclipse and talked to the owner and he said that the housing is the same but they use more efficient cree led bulbs that out perform the luminous output of vision x with the same wattage draw and are alot cheaper. I put my order in and haven't had any problems yet. I personally would rather deal with a smaller company that puts customer service first, then a company that is so big they dont care about the little guys. I have some friends that are sponsored by Eclipse LED and Rigid IND, and they have nothing but good things to say about both. I would've gone with Rigid, but Eclipse was still cheaper for the same size light.

Ill post pics soon of the new commander 1000 in the desert with some lights.

Thanks, Luminox
Oh dude, totally understand. I too dont want to spend that kind of money for a LED bar on my SXS that is purely recreational. I do have a prerunner and on that, I wouldnt mind paying the extra for the Rigid.

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