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Heres the link to their site!
Drive Racing has announced they will offer a UTV class starting at their March round of racing.

The good news, UTV's will run their own race on a 5-7 mile loop seperate from the regular racing.

The bad, BITD UTV rule book.

More to come as I get it.

For Immediate Release

February 24 2009

El Centro California

Contact: Doug Wasser President DRIVE Off-Road Racing 760-791-7663

DRIVE Off- Road Racing LLC has adopted three new classes for their Imperial Valley based off road racing series. The DRIVE Mini class will consist of trucks and buggies powered by a sealed and unmodified Ecotec engine. The UTV class consists of slightly modified to extremely modified UTVs. The Desert Kart class is made up of off road karts designed specifically for this type of racing. DRIVE will be using industry standard rules for these classes which will allow competitors to race multiple series without having to modify the vehicles. A full set of rules for all these classes will be released by the end of February. DRIVE President Doug Wasser commented on the new classes by saying "We are very excited about including these classes into our series. The Mini class is a new and upcoming class that we already are receiving entries for. The Desert Kart class is a great class for kids to start their desert racing careers. We are putting a lot of extra effort in to include the UTV class. Since they are lighter and smaller then most of the vehicles in the other class we will be running them latter in the day. DRIVE is committed to the safety of the racers, so we will mark a separate UTV course. The UTV course will be mostly separate from the main course. There are a lot of UTVs out there looking for a good place to race."

All three classes will debut at the 250 presented by DRIVE. Desert Karts will race Friday March 20th.The Mini and UTV classes will race on Saturday March 21st. The 250 will be held in Plaster City California.

Visit for more details

Todd Arthur is working with them for a break on the rule book for UTV's at least for this round.

also Larry said entry fees are $225 for UTV and they will be sportsman vice Pro class, I am waiting on response to see if membership is inlcuded for the $225.

I might even race this one myself.

HRT trophy truck, two HRT SxS(maybe 3) an HRT TK will be there along with some others that have already signed up.

Birdie also says that HRT Motorsports may throw a BBQ for the UTC peeps!!!

I will keep ya posted on that part.

course for UTVs should be a 3 mile loop as of last night I heard this. how many laps is not decided yet for UTV's.


Come on Waytay, prob no mud this time!!! :eek: LOL
This is awesome!!! Keep us posted on this Rog. I am going to try to recruit a few racers myself and if I cant make dune tour I will be out there for this race!!!
Joey thanks for posting up our info. I'll post up some more detailed info tonight for everyone. If anyone has any questions shoot me a pm or email or visit our website . In short we are having open desert racing for Trophy Karts, Baja Extreme Karts, and UTV's starting with the DRIVE RDC 250 race. The race will be held on the weekend of March 20-22 @ Plaster City Ca. More info to come shortly.

Larry Cox
Roger the reason we are putting Karts & UTV's in a sportsman class is a lower entry fee. When the turn-out gets really good and we have a core group we could start with a PRO class. We already have pro utv racers signed up but they will be under the sportmans entry but will race pro, I'm I getting you confused I think you know what I mean though.
Schedule/Race Information
Friday– March 20th, 2009​
7 AM-Course is open for pre-running​
Qualifying Rounds​
12 PM - 2 PM Qualifying Registration
12 PM - 2 PM Qualifying Tech Inspection and Contingency
12 PM - 2:15 PM Qualifying course pre-run
2:30 PM Stage qualifying vehicles
3 PM Start qualifying
4 PM – 8 PM RDC 250 Registration, Tech and Contingency–Start/Finish Area – Plaster City East
(all non-qualifying classes including Side by Sides)​
Desert Kart Race​
4 PM – 6 PM – Desert Cart Racers Registration – Start/Finish area
6:30 PM – Vehicle Staging
6:45 PM – Start race
Number of laps TBD
Time Limit TBD​
Saturday– March 21st​
6 AM – 7 AM - Late Registration/Tech/Contingency – Start/Finish Area - Plaster City East
6:30 AM - Volunteer Meeting at Volunteer Trailer
7 AM - Drivers Meeting – Start/Finish Area
7:30 AM - Vehicle Staging
8 AM - Race Starts​
-Starting Order​
[/FONT]- Unlimited Truck, 101, 1001, 801, 1201, ½-1601, TROPHYLITE, 701, 501
Unlimited, 550, 1400, 1450, 725, 1301, 850, 901, 1101
*TBD* Mile Laps
[FONT=Arial,Italic][FONT=Arial,Italic]TBD* Lap Classes[/FONT][/FONT]- Unlimited Truck, 101, 1001, 801, 1201, ½-1601, TROPHYLITE, 701, 501
Unlimited, 550, 1400, 725,901
[FONT=Arial,Italic][FONT=Arial,Italic]TBD* Lap Classes- [/FONT][/FONT]1450, 1301, 850, 1101
9 Hour Time Limit for all classes
6 PM - CRB Review - Start/Finish Area
7:30 PM – Awards Ceremony – Start Finish

Side X Side Race (Saturday March 21​

12:30 PM – Vehicle staging – Start/Finish Line
1:00 PM – Start Race
Course length- Approximately 3 miles long
Number of laps TBD
Time Limit TBD​
*Side by Side course will use a 2​
nd lane through start finish and will only use a short section of the larger

main course
Thanks for posting Larry! And welcome to the site!! We look forward to helping in anyway we can!!
We will be holding our 1st Trophy Kart & UTV Races. The race will be held March 20-22 in the Plaster City Ca open desert type racing. UTV entry fee will be $225 plus a $35 membership fee once a year. Also if sign-up for our race by March 6th you’ll receive a discount on the entry fee. This is the first utv race being held by DRIVE-RACING so come on out and enjoy some great open desert racing. Vendors can set-up booths also please go to our website to get more info or both of these websites have tons of info on the upcoming races. Drive will be having TK & UTV races @ all of our races. Thanks everybody….
If you can help with the desert clean-up this would also be a great help to get your name out to all the racers and fans come on out and join the fun.

Larry Cox
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[FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]UTV Class [/FONT][/FONT]1st place $100 - 2nd place $50 - 3rd place $25

This is going to change someone is going to added to the pot :eek:
What I've seen done before which is pretty interesting. Everyone tapes a certain type of bill on their hood winner takes all... Now if your hood comes off during the race and you see me running for it, sorry times are tough j/k.

Here is our Contingency Program I need to get more info to get TK & UTV's included in this program. Any companies that would like to be added to the list feel free to contact me at or
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2009 Contingency Program

20 Gal VP, F&L or Sunoco Fuel to 1
st. 10 Gal VP, F&L or Sunoco to 2nd. All Classes

Must run VP, Sunoco or F&L decals in plain view on both sides of vehicle

Must run

beardesignz decals in plain view on both sides of vehicle

See beardesignz Contingency link for details


100.00 in labor on motor used in race

Must run Major Performance decals in plain view on both sides of vehicle. Must run a

Major motor

Classes 101, 501, 551, 901, 1001, 1101, 1201 only

$50.00 Gift Certificate for 1

st place all classes

Must run McKenzie’s decals in plain view on both sides of vehicle

All Classes

$50.00 gift certificate for 1

st place. $25.00 gift certificate for 2nd place.

Must run ORW decals in plain view on both sides of vehicle. Three vehicles in class.

Vehicle must finish the race

All Classes.

“For Car/Truck Classes Onlyâ€ÂÂ


st Place = $300.00 Product Only


nd Place = $200.00 Product Only


rd Place = $100.00 Product Only

Must have at least 3 cars in class

“Must Run Vision X Lights Onlyâ€ÂÂ

At Least 2 x 12†Decals, 1 per side

(Door area preferred). 2 small decals in high exposure area’s (skid plate, etc)

All Classes

All Contingency winnings will be issued by “Vision X Onlyâ€ÂÂ. All winnings will be used directly in house

with Vision X. This new contingency program is “Only†good towards Vision X products directly through

Vision X.

Joe Biro


50.00 product or service for 3

rd place all classes

PCI Decals on both sides in plain view.

(2) two 11x14's for 1st place and two 8x12 for 2nd.

For all classes

Must run decals

Must have at least 5 entries in the class to qualify.

$50.00 product to first place in all classes.

Must run decals on both sides of vehicle.

Must have at least 3 entries in class

US Wheel Repair and Polishing


st place in class 1601 - $200.00 in wheel repair


st place - $250


nd place - $150


rd place - $100

Vehicle is required to run company product and decals on both sides of vehicle

Classes – DRIVE Unlimited Truck, 101, 501, 1001, 1201 only. Must submit payout

request within 30 days from race

1st place – (1) 16 x 20 photo and (1) 11x14 photo

2nd place - (1) 11x14 photo and (1) 8x10 photo

Must run decals on both sides of vehicle

All Classes



The 1st place finisher in each class that meets contingency requirements will receive the

following: $200.00 in product credit. There is only

one award per class.

All night and day/night races are eligible.



Exclusive use of TrailGlow lights. Vehicle must have at least 2 TrailGlow lights larger

then 7†diameter. Company decals on both sides of vehicle. Vehicle must finish.

Minimum of three entries in class.


1st place - $25 in product credit

All night and day/night races are eligible.


Vehicle must have 1 set of TRAILGLOW race numbers or number plates. Company

decal on both sides. Must finish. Minimum of 3 entries in class

All contingency claims must be submitted with official race results, a completed claim

form, and proof of contingency compliance signed by race promoter and copy of original

receipt within 45 days of race. TrailGlow sponsored racers are not eligible.

Digital photos of vehicle with decals visible requested. For more information, decals and

claim form email:


st place $25.00 gift certificate.


nd place $50.00 gift certificate

Must run company decals. (must be easily visible) No placement in fender wells

All classes with 3 or more entries.

Must pickup within 2 weeks or company receiving results.

Howe Performance

$100.00 of labor on power steering service

Must run company decals

All classes except 901 and 1101
Race Ready Products

$25.00 Gift Certificate to first out of money

Must run company product purchased within 1 year prior to event

Must run company decals

$100.00 to fastest lap in TBD Class

Must run decals on both sides. Do not have to finish race to win.


st overall and last person to finish within time limit – DVD slide show of all pictures

taken of vehicle

Contact to claim your prize

RB Components will provide 3 twenty five percent off (25%) certificates per each class

for the top 3.

Each vehicle participating must have 2 stickers provided by RB Components on

the vehicle.

All competing brand stickers must be removed and replaced with RB Components

Stickers. Provided by RB Components

Excluded from Discounts: Furniture, Items on Special

Discount certificate redeemable at all approved dealers, online or The RB Components



st, 2nd & 3rd all classes – 25% of certificates for all classes

Must run (3) company decals and no competing brand decals

Excluded from discounts GPS, restraints and camera systems. Certificates redeemable at

all approved dealers, online or the ProComm Showroom.

First place all classes to receive a certificate worth $200.00 in.

"First out of the Money" – Certificate for free labor on a pair of shock rebuilds (valued at $100 -

$150). If the winners of these certs are in a truck class (or in the first out of money position) then

that winner will have to be running Sway-A-Way/RaceRunner shocks & bumps exclusively (no

mis-match of shock manufactures product).


Driver/Owner must run Race Runner Shocks exclusively or Sway-A-Way Components

w/ other brand shocks. Decals on both sides


If the winner is in a buggy class then its ok for that driver to have other manufactures shocks /

bumps as long as they are running axles, torsion bars / leaves, spring plates etc...For the buggy

classes if the customer is not running our shocks and is in the " First out of Money" position then

we can off that individual $100.00 in product to be redeemed at Sway-A-Way directly


st Place Overall - $50 cash & $50 Gift Certificate

Vehicle is required to run company decals on both sides

$50 1

st place. All classes

Vehicle is required to run company product. Vehicle is required to run company decals

on both sides of vehicle

All classes. Minimum of 3 in class


st place - $100 in parts and labor

Must run company decals and product exclusively on vehicle

All classes. Minimum of 3 in class


st Place - $150 in product

Classes – 101, 501, 551, 901, 1001, 1201 & 1601

Must run company product and decals

Minimum of 5 entries in class

High Desert Oils

Details coming soon


st Place - $100 in product or service
Must run company product and decals and have 3 entries in class
I thought UTV's were going to be 1201-12????

what is the numbering???

Might try and make the cleanup also Larry

time and Plaster city east????
For Immediate Release
February 13 2009
El Centro California
Contact: Doug Wasser President DRIVE Off-Road Racing
760-791-7663 |
As part of a on going and long term mission to project a positive image for off-roaders and be good stewards of
the deserts we race in, DRIVE Off-Road Racing LLC has teamed up with District 38 to conduct a
desert clean-up in Plaster City CA. The clean-up will take place on Saturday March 7, 2009. After being asked
why a desert clean-up when DRIVE has only conducted one race Doug Wasser, DRIVE's president had this to
say "When we sat down and talked about what the purpose of this series should be one thing stood out over
and over, we need to take care of the areas that we race in. Trash left by racers and non-racers is a problem
for everyone that uses the desert. If it doesn't get cleaned up it gives the impression that we don't care. The
majority of the trash in plaster city is incidental trash that has blown away during the night. We don't see large
amount of trash that was left intentionally but either way it needs to get picked up."
Off Road Warehouse (ORW) will be providing breakfast and water for all the participants. DRIVE and District
38 will be providing lunch. Vision X Off Road Lighting, beardesignz and are also on
board as a supporting sponsors for this cleanup. All participants will receive an event t-shirt created by
In addition to the clean-up DRIVE will be holding their Start Order Draw for the March 21st
250 in the morning before the clean-up.
If you would like to participate in the clean-up e-mail For sponsorship
opportunities call Doug Wasser at 760-791-7663.
For more information about the companies supporting this effort please go to the listed websites below:
DRIVE Off-Road Racing
District 38 AMA
Off Road Warehouse
Vision X Off Road Lighting
Wife and I are in for the Cleanup on Saturday.

I also sent in my entry form today to Doug

Look out peeps Rog is racing the Rhino Flying Banana!!!!!!!:D
We will be there to cover it Rog!!! We got to get that UTVUnderground decal up on it!!!! LOL That is so awesome! Is Todd racing the Teryx??

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