DRIVE-RACING May Night Race!!! May 16th


McMillin Racing
The Still of the Night 200​
May 16​
[/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]th [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]2009

Schedule/Race Information​
Saturday May 2[/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]nd [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold]2009​
Pre-registration deadline and start order draw​
If you are mailing or faxing in your entry form please make sure we receive it with your 10%
refundable deposit before Thursday April 30​
th. You can also signup until 3 PM on Saturday May
nd at the drawing party. [FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]You must be pre-registered by 3 PM Saturday May 2[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]nd [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]to be eligible
for the start order draw and to have a chance at winning a free entry for this race
[/FONT][/FONT]. [FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]Sign up
before 3 PM on May 2
[/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]nd [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]and receive a $25.00 discount on your entry fee for this race
[/FONT][/FONT]. Raffle
for free entry to be held at the FiberwerX Open House Event.
Start Order Draw will be held at
[FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]FiberwerX [/FONT][/FONT]during their Open House Event.

FiberwerX Open House . Saturday May 2​
[/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]nd [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]2009 . 1 PM . 7 PM


Supporting Sponsor​
8400 N. Magnolia Ave​
Suite H
Santee, Ca 92071
Friday. May 15[/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]th[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold], 2009​
7 AM-Course is open for pre-running
*GPS file will be available for download at registration trailer. Bring your chip.​
Saturday. May 16[/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]th[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold], 2009​
Registration, Tech and Contingency​
11 AM . 5 PM . Registration, Tech and Contingency.Start/Finish Area . Start/Finish area TBD​
Desert Kart Race​
5:30 PM . Desert Kart Vehicle Staging
5:45 PM . Start Desert Kart Race
Number of laps TBD by class
Time Limit TBD by class​
Main Race​
*No pre-running after 5:30 PM on Saturday May 16th*​
6 PM - Volunteer Meeting at Volunteer Trailer . Start/Finish . Start/Finish area TBD
7 PM - Drivers Meeting . Start/Finish Area . Start/Finish area TBD
7:30 PM - Vehicle Staging
8 PM - Race Starts​
-Starting Order​
[/FONT]- Unlimited Truck, 101, 1001, 801, 1201, ½-1601, TROPHYLITE, 701, 501
Unlimited, 550, 1400, 1450, 725, 1301, 850, 901, 1101

6 30 Mile Laps​
6 Lap Classes​
[/FONT]- Unlimited Truck, 101, 1001, 801, 1201, ½-1601, TROPHYLITE, 701, 501
Unlimited, 550, 1400, 725,901
[FONT=Arial,Italic][FONT=Arial,Italic] Lap Classes- [/FONT][/FONT]1450, 1301, 850, 1101 . All 4 lap classes may vote to do an extra lap
8 Hour Time Limit for all classes
8 AM - CRB Review - Start/Finish Area . Start/Finish area TBD
9:30 AM . Awards Ceremony . Start Finish . Start/Finish area TBD

Main radio frequency for DRIVE will be BFG Relay . 151.715​
Main Pit . Start/Finish will be in Plaster City East or Superstition . Details coming soon


Fiberwerk is having a huge open house party lots of great goodies!
Open House Raffle
ORBA Benefit

These are some of the items contributed so far:

• (1) Fiber Bucks GC (Value $500)
• (5) Fiber Bucks GC (Value $100ea)

Drive Racing Series
• Free Entry (Valued up to $500)

• 5 RDC shirts.
• 10 RDC The Year in Dirt DVDs
• 10 Dezert People DVDs

• (2) 5-Point Belt Sets
• (4) Canvas Tool Bags

• (5) BAJA Video Game – Xbox 360
• (5) BAJA Video Game – PS3
• Bully Dog (Triple Dog DIESEL Downloader)
• Bully Dog (Triple Dog GAS Downloader)
• (2) Bully Dog T-Shirts (Large)
• (2) Bully Dog T-Shirts (XL)
• (1) Bully Dog T-Shirt (2XL)

• New Prerunner Housing

U.S. Wheels Repair & Baja Pits
• (4) Gift Certificates for wheel repair (Value $50ea)

California Metals
• (2) Gift Certificates (Value $150ea)
• (5) Hat & T-Shirt Combo Packs
• (2) Pearl Abrasive Cutoff wheels, sanding wheels, flat disc. Kits

• (2) 2-Wheel Alignments (Value $60ea)
• 2-Wheel Brake Job (Value $200)
• Pair of Monroe Shocks to fit your application

• (3) Gift Certificate for Powder Coat (Value $100ea)
• (5) Shirts & Coozie Cup Combo Packs

Threat Motorsports
• Light Bar Rack (Value $400)

Havoc Motorsports
• Prerunner Bumper 4130 Chromoly (Value $500)
• Mount Fiberglass Front Fenders (Value $250)

Shock Pros
• (2) Shock Repair Gift Certificates (Value $100ea)

Bink Designs
• Logo Design Gift Certificate (Value $400)
• Vinyl Race # Kit (Value $100)

• (5-10) T-Shirts Various Sizes

• Install Fiberglass Bedsides (Value $400)

Richer Racing
• Towards any kit, fabrication (Value $300)

DBG Customs
• Gift Certificate Towards a pair or set of wheels (Value $250)

National Spring
• Race Prep Gift Certificate (Value $250)
• 25% off Gift Certificate (Value $200-300)

Rize Industries
• (2) Rize Leveling Kit Solutions (Value $300ea)
• (30) Rize Various sized T-Shirts
• (10) Rize Hats

• Chase Package Includes, 50 Watt RacerX Race Radio,
Mag Mount Attenna & External Speaker (Value $425)
Santee California

FiberwerX is ankle deep into 2009 and we are experiencing a good influx of positive growth. We want to share our success and celebrate by inviting the offroad community to an Open House Party taking place on May 2nd. At the same time FiberwerX wants to do our part to stimulate good business throughout the offroad industry. Coordinating with many brands & companies, the FiberwerX Open House has quickly evolved into a small expo. A number of vendors will be on hand to participate and kick down sales & discounts on all sorts of merchandise & products. We have received a tremendous amount of feedback and response, and more companies are signing up daily.

FiberwerX has reached out to ORBA and we have organized a raffle to benefit this local organization that has done so much for the Offroad Industry over the years. The reaction and participation from industry companies across the board has been completely unbelievable, and we are expecting more prizes to be added to the ORBA Benefit Raffle as more companies become aware. So far we have allocated over $6000 in goods and accessories.

In addition for the Open House, the FiberwerX Staff has arranged for a number of features and attractions that will keep the whole family and their friends entertained for hours. Live music including several popular headlining band will keep the atmosphere up beat throughout the day. Free Street Tacos and other food vendors will be on hand. A fun jump will be setup to keep the little ones entertained. An offroad vehicle show featuring a variety of race cars, trucks, prerunners and rhinos will be on display. And as always our favorite FiberwerX Girls will be doing their thing. The Dirt Alliance will be setting up a mini Dirt Tour that will give a good preview on how their events go down. Essentially, plenty of action and attractions for all is what we have scheduled.

We recently corresponded with DRIVE to host a live drawing party for the upcoming May 16th Night Race taking place out in Plaster City. Doug Wasser, DRIVE’s President was elated to get involved. We all believe the open house event will help promote the new series and is just what is needed to get the racers aware of the program. 1450 ORG is already well aware of the DRIVE Series and has the Night Race scheduled for Round 3 of the 1450 ORG Series. We expect nearly 20 entries in the 1450 class alone. If you want to participate in any class in the DRIVE series which is well organized and has no bad habits, than make sure to get your entry form in to get your name in the Live Drawing taking place during the Open House.

If you think you might want to get involved, please let us know right away so that we can add you into the plan and schedule before all the spaces are reserved. Available opportunities are filling up fast, so act now.

Event Coordination
Brian Binkert
Tel: 619.654.4451
Fax: 619.442.4459
Just added:
(8) Gift Certificates to Bee Hive Sports Bar for Food or Drinks (Value $25ea)
Nick Tonelli / Tonelli Motorsports is also putting up a GIANT Motorsports Bolt-On Light Bar!
Just added:
• Pair 140 HID's (Value $488)
• Pair 170 HID's (Value $495)
[/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]First Name Last Name Car # Team Name [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]Start [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]First Name Last Name Car # Team Name

Dan Unsicker 1448​
[/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]ICS Racing

Juan Sanchez 1452 Giant Motorsports
Jesus Miranda 1450 mirandas
*Brian Cully 1494 Cully Racing
Cameron Sinohui 148? Or 1457
Jason Duncan 1492 Duncan Motorsports
Noah Quantrell 1482 Qracing
Brad Hemphill 1477 Nocturnal Racing​
[FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]A.J. Steeber 1495 T.S.U. Motorsports
*Dustin Morrison 296 Jeff Fogle 148? Super Duty Innovations
Jim Borden 1490 havoc/oso malo racing
Chris Freas 1479 killer off road fab
**Season Points Leader

*Class Points Leader **Terry Tolbert 1697 Blue Buzzard Motorsports​
*Taylor Mullen 1957
DRIVE - $50​
[/FONT] fastest lap

Elite Auto Service - $100​
[/FONT] Fastest lap 1450
See "Payout Chart" Link on DRIVE-RACING :: Off Road Racing :: Home
25 - 29 in class

30 + in class​
Driver Payback $150 per class Entry
DRIVE - $50
[/FONT][/FONT] first out of the race ( only. Must report to timing and scoring in person)

Saturday May 16th​
[/FONT] - Registration, Tech, Contingency, (see details at DRIVE-RACING :: Off Road Racing :: Home)

The Still of the Night 200​
[/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]Presented by DRIVE Off-Road Racing

Must have 10 or more trucks off the start line to qualify for the following bonuses​
Camburg Engineering will pay membership fees​
[FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]for all members[/FONT][/FONT] racing in this event

Sunday May 17th​
[/FONT]- Awards Ceremony

DRIVE - $1000​
[/FONT] paid out for 1st thru 7th place (20 or more entries in class)

1450 Bonus Schedule
DRIVE -$200​
[/FONT] 1st -[FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold] $100 [/FONT][/FONT]2nd -[FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold] $50 [/FONT][/FONT]3rd
15 - 19 in class

20 - 24 in class​

Total Class 1001
Total Class 1101
Total Class 301
Total Class 101
Total Class 901
Total Class 501
Total Class 801
Total Class 725
Total Class 701
Total Class Desert Kart
Total Class 1601
Total Class 3000
Class DRIVE Unlimited Truck
Total Class 551​
Supporting Sponsor​
Saturday May 16th​
[/FONT] - Truck, Buggy & UTV Race, Desert Kart Race (see details at DRIVE-RACING :: Off Road Racing :: Home)

10 - 14 in class​
Pro Class Bonus Schedule

Total Class 1201​
DRIVE - $50 each​
[/FONT]to 1st & 2nd leaf sprung truck
4-2-09 Total Entered
[FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold] 15
DRIVE - $50
[/FONT][/FONT]last official finisher (Must be member)
Total Class 1301
Total Class 1400
Total Class 1450

[FONT=Arial,Bold][FONT=Arial,Bold]Round 3

To bad I'm running the Day/Night 500 the weekend after.

Good luck to all that enter!
Looking for more UTV's to race the DRIVE Night Race. So far we have 2 racers racing to full open desert course. You can sign up @ and more info can be found here also along with the entry list. Great open desert racing!!!
I would let Code race moms car for grins but the rule book is keeping us out. I got one full race build I dont want 2, we'll cruise out & watch.

Joey, Underground night run?

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