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  1. Drive is putting on a night race on september 18th along with fiberwerx. Drive is one of the only outlets for utv desert racers in plaster city and superstition. I raced this race last year and had a blast,I'm trying to spread the word to get racers to come and race. It doesn't take or cost much to get your utv race ready. Basically you need a fuel cell,window nets and a roll cage. There are no restrictions on engine or suspension. If you want to know more you can go to drive off road racing .com or just ask me and I will give you all the info I can. Hope to get some people out there.
That's a tuff weekend for a bunch of people. That is the same weekend as the Sand Sport Show. A bunch of industry will have to go to the show. This show is what drives 2011's aftermarket.
Justin, this race is my back yard and hour from my house, Code & I can chase, might even have a few extra peeps that would help too....if your serious let me know.
chase, thats funny, it is a loop race.

we may be there with the 1450 truck

it doesn't get much rougher than PC courses. Doug who owns drive sets up some great course to race on.
Doug does set up some pretty good courses,rough but good. After all plastercity is one of the roughest places to drive anyways. My suspension is stock with the exception of shocks and I still have a good time. This is drives 2nd year holding races and I would like to see doug and all the voulenteers for many years to come. Hopefully the turn out keeps growing.
LMAO........Your such the seasoned desert racer

If I wasnt at SSSS that weekend I would go CHASE for you too Justin!

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