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We have done so many builds over the past few months that we are now up to our eye balls in stock take off parts! Most of the stock take off parts have not seen anything but the inside of a freight truck. Post up any part that you may need/want and I will get you a price if we have it. Some of the parts on the list are:

- Plastic Pieces
- Wheels and Tires
- Seats
- Cages
- Intakes
- Exhaust
- Suspension Components
Be sure to hit me up any time at 800-708-9803 or just drop me a PM. We will be blowing this stuff out at garage sale prices. Thanks, Chris.
I think I have Kawi Green, Hunter Green, and Red. I have the CV's as well just shoot me a PM with a list of what you need and I'll get you price and availability. Thanks, Chris.
Ooo that’s a good one I will check for you do you need the fronts or rears or both? Keep in mind this stuff is kinda strung out so it might take me a little bit to track all this down but I will get back to all of you ASAP
both, trying to do a low budget long travel!
btw, new steering wheel rocks! thanx!
please pm me a price for stock plastics, sport shocks, stock exhaust and cv's front and rear for a 07 rhino660. Thanks!

I still have some plastic left. I have this plus a new Black Hood and A new Camo set. Let me know if you guys need anything. Thanks, Chris.
Looking for a steering wheel off of a 07 to 09 Rhino. Thanks

I have a whole bunch of plastic pieces for the Teryx left from rocker panels, floor boards, bumper plastic, air box’s, dash assemblies and more. Here is some of the body parts I have left. I have a complete set of camo, 2 hunter green rear fenders, 1 black hood, 2 Kawi green hoods one of which has been cut so you can remove it without removing the cage. Shoot me a PM with questions. Thanks, Chris.
Hey guys I had said I will have some obsolete products for you that we are going to blow out so here it is. Brands vary from PRP, DJ Safety, Mastercraft, and Dragonfire. I have many different colors (Red, Silver, Blue, Black) and styles (3”, 2”, Y, H,) along with a whole box full of sub belts (crotch belt) some are used/dirty and some are new either way each belt is Only $45!!!
now only prob is finding the dough... mayb the wife will cough it up i got 2 much goin out to cover everything else haha

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