diesel vs gas


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ok i know diesel is more than gas (XTREAMLY STUPID) but this is the dealio my buddie has a F-350 4x4 crew cab long bed but its gas..... i know diesels last longer and get better mpg but i have also seen alot of gas rigs also... whats better overall?????
Definitely diesel. It is kinda like the jeep thing. Until you own one you just don't realize IMO. Oviously if you are only wanting a daily driver a diesel is a waste, but if you are towing there is no comparison. Shure the gassers can do it, but they are working compared to a diesel. It is a much more pleasant and enjoyable drive with a diesel.
even as a daily driver diesel gets better fuel economy than a gasser.... i have always leaned toward diesels i was curious about fuel cost and i wouldnt tow an extremly large amount of the time jus like diesels but money is tight and need vehicle... the truck is a steal at 2500 but bein a gas its a question...................... im so torn hahahahaha

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