Kawasaki dan at magnum


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big thanks to dan and his brother at manum off road for hooking it up with the magnum teryx lt kit. it is a sick kit i cant thank you guy's Enough! thanks magunm
hell yeah...they are the best over at Magnum. They do whatever it takes to make the customer happy!!! Nuttin but love for those guys!!!
hell ya they do took my car down there today dan is hooking up the shocks and some skid plates and fixing my exhaust
why you got to be cutting in on my time son? LOL Cant wait to see your car run! Are you gonna race this weekend or what?
You be chasin me come the season boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

I dont have to chopped to whup your ass!!!!
LMAO its a nice cage to be playing with tho, Mag throws out some sick rides im just jealous. One of this days im going to get the Mag special
Yea I know I have talked to Dan a couple of times about diff stuff that he has and I have to say he has some tricks up his sleeves when it come to suspension setups. Not to mention he is just a cool person to hang out with and bs about SXSs

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