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Starting a little thread to show some of the daily happenings of RUGGED!

New products, tips/tricks, demo setups, a little bit of everything will be posted up here!

Some were asking this morning about adding an external speaker to your RUGGED setup.

Here a little pictoral....

Back of the vertex radio - in the red circle is the external speaker output plug. You can see where our radio-intercom jumper is plugged in currently.


Here is the external radio speaker along with Y splitter:


Here is the Y splitter plug installed as you can see:


Here is our speaker with a set of bar mounts mounted up under our roof. Other places could be on the bar between your seats, or down in the floorboard area. The speaker is 20 watts so its LOUD!


And here is our switch setup - its in our rhino plate. If the external speaker is in a good position we could also do the on/off switch right on the speaker housing itself.


We have these kits available for $30 - send me a PM if interested!
I forgot to mention that this thread is where we will be posting our Internet deal of the week as well!

This week it is headset hangers! We have a few left over from our last production run,and these dual billet hangers, normally $50 retail, are marked down to $30!

We have 1 1.5" , 5 1 5/8" and a bunch of 1.75" left!

Deals good only thru PM or telephone



Buy 3 or more and get free shipping!
Lots going on today at Rugged!

DJ had some helmets to wire up

Our fabricator Trenton working on a dimple died aluminum platform

Andy got his new bike in for another project going on.... more info on that later

and our first pickup with UPS today.... lots goin out!
Some questions from another board:

"Hey what ever happened to the jack box that you had at the ssss . I'm still interested."

Great point! Ill do a post on those soon!

"Question; So you have to have a on off button for the external speaker? You can not just turn down the volume?

Also, Can you do a segment on where the push to talk buttons plug in? I will be working on this stuff very soon. "

Awesome question! Look for a post later today on all of our push to talks and connectors!
Had a question about helmet kits on a board:

Helmet kits retail on our site for $85. Forum guys get 10% off so your price is $76.50.

Here is our standard helmet kit, the HK-OFSP.


We also have our HK-OFSP-3.5, same as above but with a 3.5mm earbud jack. Can hook up earbuds to it and hear your radio/intercom, OR, put an iPod into it and listen to ipod while using the helmet :D I have one of these in my streetbike helmet.

Retail is $90, your price $81.


Also available is the HK-OF - just a microphone boom and earbud jack, no speakers.

Retail is $75, your price $67.50


If forum guys want to order, send a PM or call in, mention you saw our posting on the forums and want your 10% discount!
If you hook the I-pod to the headphone jack, can the other people connected to the intercom hear the I-pod as well? or just the helmet its hooked up to?
I have a helmet kit in my 4 year old' awesome, he can now talk to us (EVERY 5 SECONDS), but now we know when he has to pee!!!
Joey, Ill email you back today.

Swamped at Rugged being the boss this week while Gregs out.

Rusty, PM me if you still want a setup. Ill shoot you one right now.

Vehicle front for rugged... hmm. Not much right now.

Updates later today.
Good morning everyone!

RUGGED has been swamped lately! So much new stuff goin on we cant keep track.

One question we get a lot on the phones or customers have questions about is cabling.

We offer 2 styles of cables to go between your headsets and the intercom:

Headset Direct Cables and Offroad XL Cables

Headset direct cables come standard with kits. These are offered in a 9, 12 and 16 foot length, and are referred to by their part numbers of CS-9(12, 16)-5P. They have a chrome 5 pin connector on each end - one end plugs into the back of the intercom, the other end plugs into the headset.

Headset direct cables allow you to utilize the push to talk button on the headset as well for car to car communication. Pictured below, on the right, is a headset direct cable.


On the left is our XL Offroad cables. These cables come standard in our ULTIMATE kits, or kits offered with helmets. We have the XL offroad cables availible in 6, 12 and 16 foot lengths, and are referred to by their part numbers of CS-6(12,16)-OFF. They have a chrome 5 pin connector on one end to plug into the intercom, and a blue molded 1/4" female jack on the other end.

Helmet kits will plug directly into this plug. To plug in a headset, you have 2 options:

A CS-3H-OFF - a 3 foot straight cord that has a 5 pin on one end to plug into your headset, and a blue molded 1/4" male jack on the other to plug into your CS-6-OFF.


A CC-OFF - a 3 foot coiled cord with a short straight lead at each end - same connectors as above. Only difference in the coiled section.


Hopefully this will clear up any confusion, and help educate people on the different types of cabling we offer, and plan out your future systems!

More coming soon..... gotta get on the phone for a bit!
So, as I mentioned earlier, our ULTIMATE systems come standard with the CS-OFF cables and CC-OFF cables.

2 place systems get 12' cables, 4 place systems get 12' cables for the front seats and 16' cables for the rear seats.

Most often, customers run the female jacks to around their seat belt/harness area or center console area, and then plug in their headset CC-OFF cables there. Lately, customers have been looking for different mounting options. We partnered with our machinist and have some new products weve been waiting to release!

First off, our single and double jack mounts. These are made to flushmount into a dash, center console, or wherever else you want to fit them. They come with screws and nuts to mount. A CS-OFF jack slides into the billet piece from the rear and secures firmly with a set screw in place. Plug in your CC-OFF or CS-3H-OFF and you are ready to rock while lookin CLEAN! No messy cables.


Heres how it look mounted into a super custom cardboard panel :D


These are a simple, cheap and easy add on to your kit that truly make your setup stand out from the rest.

Single Jack mounts are $15, Double Jack mounts are $25.
So then, lets take it one step further.

Dont have a place to put those jack mounts? No problem - we did it for you!

We have 2 and 4 place Jack Boxes!



Mount that where is convenient, and you and your passenger, or you and all 3 passengers can plug right in! Makes it easy to run cables and cleans it all up!

Then if you want, put a set of bar clamps on it and mount the box right to a tube. Many people saw this setup at the SSSS setup in our display Rhino mounted to the bar between the seats - a perfect location!

That jack box is bad a$$.... my pops has one and it is a clean look over having cables laying around !

Its gonna be crazy! No, of course Im not going to tell you what they are, youve gotta come back to this thread and check!

I will post up at 6am (UGH! ) Friday.

PRICING WILL BE GOOD FOR FRIDAY, 11/27/09 at 6AM and good through MONDAY, 11/30/09.

If you wish to order, you may call in on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. LEAVE A MESSAGE . We will be open for business on Monday to return phone calls and take orders.

Be sure to leave a message and let us know you would like to take advantage of the Forum Black Friday sale and leave your name, forum name and telephone number so we can contact you to get shipping and credit card info on Monday.

DEALERS, we didn't forget you! You will also have special one time pricing so take advantage and stock those shelves for Christmas! Sales happen when you can make a customer happy as they walk out of your store that day with their Rugged kit!

So once again - 4 days only, crazy deals. Dont miss out and check back to this thread on Friday!

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