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So I'm gonna be starting a teryx build in acouple of weeks im kind of stuck on my chassis/cage design. Were a motocross based company/shop from Georgia and honestly weve never tackled something of this propotion before; Does anyone have any pictures of a good cage that i can study??? Is there really anything that needs to be kept in mind when designing a cage/chassis???
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Tyler Boswell
you should find some good ides on the underground , cmon guys put up some pix i will put some up tonight :D
know what rules allow width/length for the races you plan on attending. figure in advance what if any clutch mod clearance is needed. put your seat in place and go. keep i low and light. know your rules, minimal tubing size, id go at least dom. try to triangulate and not have any phantom points. always try to intersect and disperse loads.
Welcome to the site! We need an idea of what you want to do with this build. Race or play?
my rhino





my teryx

no hood or fenders yet i get them today
















Well i'm lookin to race some score events, I really would like to build a custom chassis, I'm really wanting to start from the frame up so I would have something that we completely built to introduce the southern states to this sport, but there is NO-ONE else in this area that builds or even deals with UTV's. Honestly,
I don't know anyone one on this coast that has any interest in utv's like we do.
Thanks for the help guys,
Tyler Boswell
Check out the Builds Section, show and tell, and look at what its there to gain some ideas. Then just start asking specific questions. Lots of good info here for you!
So I've got acouple more questions if ya'll dont mind...Where exacally do I figure out what size of tubing We need to use on the different sections of the UTV? We are also going to attempt to build our own (Boswell Co. Motorsports) long travel suspension kit....The key word there being attempt :D Is it better to build a boxed, trophy truck styled arms...or to build tube styled A-arms I'm not even sure what size tubing we would use for the arms...I thank were in alittle over our heads here
Thanks for your help
Tyler Boswell
1 14/" for arms if you use tubing.

i personally like the look of plate arms.

why try to build your own? leave the figuring to the big boys who have done it. sure anyone can extend arms with a jig, but getting the angles perfect so the arms work correctly and dont push in turns. also getting axle length to be right on will be an expensive endevor. on 1/8 of an inch short and you will be pulling the stub axles out of the diffs.

then there is shock valving and tunning you will never get it right the first time or 5 time.

also shock length is key to keep you cv's from heating up and failing.

sorry for being so negative but things to think about.
I really just haven't done much for Fabrication work yet, but to be honest im a Motorcycle mechanic, and yep i own my own business all at the age of 19 years old. I've graduated from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, I'm a Kawasaki certified Master Tech with three years of field experience, I'm sorry if i seem like i've got something to prove but i get put down everyday for my age becase people don't think i know what i'm doing. But i'm trying to learn to Fabricate with the best of 'em. I'm signed up for coosa valley tech for welding, fabrication and engineering classes this fall...thats why i'm asking all of these questions i'm just tryng to keep ahead of the curve for my business. Sorry I don't want to seem hostile. :D
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