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Just thought I'd pass along this great deal on brembo kits for UTVs. The american distributor has them all on closeout at killer prices. They are great brakes and the pricing is killer. One note, the 12" kits are listed as full floating disks, they are not. They are larger than stock and the calipers offer much better braking power over the stock ones.
You can get the front 12" or 14" on ebay for $450 too. But this places prices are cheaper for the 12" front, only $399. Nice! Looks like they have rear brakes for 08+ too.
I called them, and they have them in stock at their Anaheim location. Im going to stop by there in the morning.
Just an FYI, went by this place on the way into work this morning, and it appears that they never really produced any Rear rhino brakes, since the fronts werent selling very well. :( Im waiting on the owner to call me back to clarify if this is true or not.
I'm going to order a set of 14 inch fronts next week. I used 12 inch fronts on the bacck of mine, just had to fan the caliper brackets.

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