BlueRibbon Auction Needs Vendor Donations

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The BlueRibbon Coalition is doing a special Christmas eBay type auction to generate funds and needs some SXS/ATV/Dirt Bike Parts Vendors to step up and help with some product donations.

The auction starts Tuesday December 1st so time is short although they'll gladly accept pledges through the auctions duration.
This is a great advertising opportunity for you vendors out there and also a great way for folks to snag some swag for their rigs.

November 20th, 2009

Del Albright, BRC Ambassador
Phone: (209) 286-1009
Fax: (209) 286-1009
Webpage: BlueRibbon Coalition - Staff
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Click image to enlarge. POCATELLO, ID (November 20) - The excitement continues to build for the Christmas Auction Project of the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC). This list of "presents" is building fast, and the bidding will start December 1st. This special online auction is designed to help us all save trails and keep our sports alive. Check out our latest list of off-road goodies.

Read more here . . . BRC Christmas Auction Project Update - BRC Media Releases

Note from Del Albright:

With cash being hard to come by in these tough economic times, many businesses and manufacturers have asked me about supporting my main organization, the BlueRibbon Coalition, with product. With that in mind, we developed the BRC Christmas Auction Project as the perfect solution for you. We’ll do an online auction with your donated product to help us raise money to save trails.

The deal is simple and all we need is some product to help to save trails with you and the BlueRibbon Coalition. We’ll do the work, you’ll get the creditâ€â€Âgood for you, good for us. Donate any product, in any amount you want, and we’ll put it up on an eBay type auction with all proceeds going to BlueRibbon Coalition – the national grassroots champions providing leadership in responsible recreation.

We will recognize your support as we aggressively promote the BRC Christmas Auction project and give you as many kudos as we possibly can in our media and social networks. I will personally shepherd this effort on my many social connections (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace,, and the Rubicon Trail Community Network, as well as my personal websites).

Our first choice would be for you to drop ship large items as we notify you of the winning bid (to avoid double shipping). But if that doesn’t work, we’ll be happy to store them in our Pocatello, ID facility and do the shipping from there.

So this is simple – tell me what you can donate to BlueRibbon and how we can handle the shipping part, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll put it on the auction block; give you the credit; and make some trail-saving money for all of us and our future generations.

Please email me or call if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for continuing to help us keep our sport alive and our trails open.


Ambassador, BlueRibbon Coalition

Cell: (209) 304-7693
Email:; or

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