BITD Vegas to Reno draw results are up

Mike L

Kawasaki Kult Grand Wizard - We HATE Dem Bears
The Draw for starting positions was today for Vegas to Reno... It's about time we got a good starting position! We drew second off of the line, right in front of Cook and a few spots in front of Sapington and Jagged. It's gonna be a fun race! Was supprised to see only 10 entries for the UTV classes. Seems like there are a lot more people talking about it than actually racing.

1 1950 Lindberg
2 1924 Lasher
3 1912 Cook
4 1938 Thomas
5 1910 Leard
6 1943 Reynolds
7 1917 Murrary
8 1904 Sappington
9 1919 Schueler

1 1999 Head
I am going but did not get my paperwork in before the draw. I figured since this is my first BITD race in a new car, we just hope to finish. I will not be chasing anyone down the first 200 miles. Contrats on the up front start and it should give us a good idea of where we are in the race. When you start last everyone you pass is moving up one position. Best of luck!!
Nice start Mike. We will be right there with ya . Hope to get the car next week so we can put a 100 or
so miles on her . cant wait to get back at it seems so long ago

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