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Does anyone know the rules regarding engine mods for Best in the Desert. I'm thinking about building up a Rhino to do some racing next year. Thanks in advance!
no more then 800 cc... unless your in a artic cat then there is a weight that the car must be at Give Cory a call he is incharge of the UTVRA 6027696164 and you can always pm me if you need other help with it we will be at Parker Jan 8-9
stock cases, stock cylinder, stock head (of course all can be modified as you see fit), 800cc max, engine must be in stock location
I also know they are allowing power steering this year and there may be a pro modified class though this is still grey but definately power steering, just ask Cory if have futher questions. hope to see you at the races good luck!
power steering for pro class this year. there is talk of another class for pro unlimited if they can get 5 cars they will start another pro class. then can go wild all tube, no frame needed and how about a weber or 1300cc.

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