Ballistic test on LED


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this involves many guns, very cool....

[ame=""]YouTube - Rigid Industries E-series ballistic testing[/ame]

It needs music to drown out all the laughing in the background. It was just hilarious, and amazed us every time we took another shot at it. The shotgun blast was awsome, didnt even penetrate the lens. Next video is 5 guys with shotguns making it dance across the desert floor.

thx Joey.

i should of today, seeing that you had a day off....

maybe next week we go do some night shooting? I need a night video with some of the same tests. And we can use the same light......

I will let you know..

damnit T if you dont call me in for some ballistic testing we r gonna have some problems!!!

Too bad Dorian it was some good times fo sure!!!:D

I was more than impressed at the abuse that light took. I think we all though the 12 gauge was going to be the end, but sure as sh!t ALL the shot bounced off the light and back towards us! The cover is peppered with tiny dimples. You can hear the spray of shot in the vid. What really impressed me (being from an electronic background) is the fact that even though the ballistics went through the circuit board and the light element failed, the rest of the array was intact and functional. Many can talk about how tough their lights are, but yours proved it.

The thing that scared us all was the size of the shrapnel that was produced by the Garand's (30.06) exit "wound" least three of the pieces would have killed a person and it really gave us all a sense of respect and gratitute for what our service people put up with on a daily basis in war zones around the world.

Thanks to Steve and Philip for letting me tag along and watch/help with the test.
ya, blaa blaa blaa Bob!

That is called jealousy!!! I am up for any night abuse, you can come pick through my safe for your choice of caliber and or rifle/pistol. Let me know a day in advance T, even AP if you want.
LOL...I think we were all like, "WHAT!" when the light was still shining...I'm a took some shots and just like Timex, kept on ticking...very impressive!

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