AZ GP series to add an unlimited class!!


AZ's Finest - UTVUnderground Approved
I spoke with them about adding an unlimited class.

Basically i proposed a stock frame rails, stock suspension location, stock wheelbase length utv frame, motor swapped class. RZR R-1 ok, Rhino R-1 ok, Rhino Rotax OK ect... Maybe if we can do a 2wd and 4wd breakdown, but there would have to be enough utvs to justify that (as well as adding this class).

Looking forward to racing this series as well as M4SX.

How about some input ???
Sounds like a good start.
I talked to a guy today who wants to put an HD V-Rod engine in his race rhino.
I have a friend that builds drag and land speed vrod motors. There not very reliable if you pump them up. The crankcase design with the cylinders built in is not very good. The main bearings pull out of shape prett easy after A few heat cycles. -
IT would be mostly stock. I know a guy who ran the Dakar in a 2 man side car with a VROD engine.

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