Arizona Short Course Championship Series - let's get the UTV's out there!!!


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I am going to spam the living hell out of some forums in order to make sure none of you forget that Round 1 of the ASCC is coming up on Feb 28th! This race is sandwiched right in between the SR1 demo and the first round of LOORRS, but it's a GREAT race to get some seat time in on Speedworld's offroad track the weekend before the Lucas race!

Practice, heat races and Main events are all on Saturday/Sat night - however, they are having practice and some fun stuff on Friday as well, for anyone who can take Friday off and get there early! Every round will follow that format, and all racing will be finished on Saturday night. For you CALI people, this means you can have a whole day to drive home and clean your stuff - this was always nice for us AZ peeps when we were leaving from M4SX on Sunday mornings.....

Here is the link to the series website - rules are posted, there is a place to pre-register (don't have to pre-pay to pre-register) AND they even have race day event schedules already finished and available!


Weller Racing is committing to this racing series and to LOORRS, because we feel that this series will be one of the best local series in Arizona/California. For everyone who raced M4SX last year - I think this will be like M4SX in Arizona, but at a better track - AND we won't get kicked out of the pit areas on Fri or Sat nights! ;)

Tim has been working with the right people behind the scenes - people who have experience with short course racing, and who have helped him develop a well-planned first season. It's up to us, as the racers, to get out there and make sure we help make this happen!

SR1 racers - we get our OWN track time! We will race separate from the other UTV class - this is the only series so far who is doing this! Let's make sure it's worth it for them!

For ALL UTV racers - they are going to be using a "landrush start!" For you MX'ers, it's a holeshot start! VERY cool.....many short course racers have been asking for a land-rush start for a long time, and Tim is the only one doing this right now - should be very cool to race in/watch!

There are truck classes, buggy classes and trophy kart classes as well - some really cool stock trucks are being built right now, and I am looking forward to watching those classes! UTVs are second and third race in the main event, so we can all hang out and watch the rest of the racing after we are finished!

Plus...Speedworld is just an awesome track, so.....BONUS! :D;)

Hope to see a bunch of you guys out there!!!

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