any interest in an alternator adapter for R1 motor?


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i want to add an alternator to my R1 motor for next dune season. the best place is to come off the end of the crank where the inspection hole is and make an adapter to thread into the crank. then have a seal thread into the engine cover to keep the oil in and dirt out.

i am goin to shop some pricing next week and would get a better deal if i was to have a few made.

any one else interested in the adapter only? the mounting and pully sizes would be different due to exhaust routing.
I might be interested, have you found the limit of the stock stator?

four 50 watt Hella hids
lightbar actuator
fiberoptic whip
stock dash
Dakota Digital 4 place gauge
6" led
led taillights
MSD fuel pump
Lawrence gps
Rugged Radio 50 watt radio

all at idle 11.8 volts, reving goes up to 12.3

i notice my bluetop optima after one night ride starts a little slow. but after a day drive and no light on it reads 12.7. so i am at the max edge of the charging system and would feel alot better with an alternator.

i have an alternator on my rhino with one blutop optima and run all kinds of stereo and tv's with it and have plenty of power to spare.
It amazes me that R1 has enough extra power to drive all those things, considering on a bike, all it needs to power is the gauges and headlight. Not a lot of people adding extras to a street bike. :)
finally getting really close. took me 6 weeks to get my PowerMaster alternator from Summit racing and just got a call from the machine shop yesterday telling me my parts are going to heat treat and zinc coating, so next week i should have something to show you guys.

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