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Hey guys on Feb 7 they are having the 2nd annual Four Peaks riding area clean up. Azz nuggets keep shooting and dumping shiz and not taking it out with them! I am all about the guns, but this shiz is killing us in legislation and causing closing of land.
I know there is a race that weekend but any local AZ boys not going really need to help us with a strong showing in the UTV industry. Me and the kiddos will be out there with a bag extesion off the back of Rhino picking up half dozen or so heaps of trash.

Thanks guys!!:D:D:D
Four peaks is on the way to Payson right across the street from sycamore creek. If you are interested you can either meet ou there or at my house and we can drive out. This really is important to keep that area open as it is pretty bad ass place! Let me know Krack!
I I was closer we would Help, BTW Dorian Thanks for taking thetime to talk to me on the phone the other Day
No problem JT, I will do what I can, check back in about 3 weks and hopefully we will have something made. If nothing else I have some T-shirts with our stellar logo i can shoot over.
Bump, this was on the news tonite boadcasting for the turnout! This is GOOD MEDIA, something we off roaders dont get too often. still looking for takers here.
you bet Joey, wish i had an underground shirt for this one! Too late I know I already thought about it yesterday.
sorry, it slipped my mind until i was writing last night here. we'll get em next time. i will order this weekend from ya
shiz Joey, I forgot about the sticks, whatever looks good against all black, do you have orange lettering to match my seats?????
I got some orange left...I ran some forhasethistoo....I will pull an orange fromt he stack to send you out with your shirts!
I will post pics later, it was a great turnout, hundreds showed up from truck clubs to mom and pops wheelers. we had about 10 utvs in our gathering. very happy they showed up and huge thanks to my kids for working picking up other peoples trash and almost never complaining the entire time!
Here are some pics guys, we started at 8 and left at 12:30 and they already had 3 rolloffs full and still bringing in truck loads of trash. definite eye opener for me and will be sure to keep up with pack it in pack it out!










Great job Dorian!!! You did a very good thing for the earth and the off road community!! On top of that you taught your kids some good repsonsibility and it sounds like they responded like champs!!!

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