#16 Code Rahders Race Rhino


This kid is amazing! UTVUnderground is proud to support him!!!!

Please Underground members, go vote for Code at Starvingracers.com and throw down a couple bucks for him if you are able too! He is a great kid and has a lot of potential as a racer!

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that kid can drive thats dope...........go code............wish i had some cool smileys how do i vote joey
Wow guys, I really dont know what to say except thanks for the support. The win and exposure is doing great things for his confidence but its not really going to his head which makes me happy.

Ha, as Im typing this he called me asking me for help with a math problem(what is X?), Friday afternoon and hes doing homework insted of out running wild..the racing pays off.

Thanks guys.
Your lucky to have such a great kid Doug!! Your definitley a big reason why he is succesful thus far! Keep up the hard work!!!!
Code is a good kid.... Good job Doug.

I signed up, became a forum member, joined the Code Fan Club, Clicked on his stars (voted for him) and I made a $50.00 donation.... I know it isnt much but every little bit helps.... Good luck to Code.... I think we will be heraing lots more about this kid.
WOW Mike!!!! That is so awesome of you!!! Rep Points for sure!!! COde is going to be thrilled!! He made $90 so far this week!!! He is off to a good start!!!
Dang!! That is sick Mush!! Way to support!!!!! Code wont let you down!

Thanks for helping him out, he really is a deserving kid.....Rep Points for you my friend!!!
You guys did your home work this year.. Good Job!!!!
Whats up Code!!! I sent some money your way, you've been killin it out on the trck. Not much but hey, im a kid too! hahaa
Holy crap guys, I just did a 13 hour day (Im salary so it doesnt count) meet everyone for dinner, get home and all this happened and I cant log in, lol, still having that problem Joey.

Im shocked and really dont know what to say except thanks. This was very unexpected but very much appreciated. Thank you.

In fact, Im setting up his own account so he can get on personally and say thanks himself, hes in bed so it will have to be tomorrow though.

I have one favor to ask, talk up Starving Racers when you can. These guys are comitted to doing the racer support deal for two years out of their own pocket while they search for a corporate sponsor. Two years, thats pretty dedicated in this economy.

Anyway, thanks again.


EDIT, oh yea, rep points for everyone...lol
DOug trying clearing your cookies on your browser and login from the forums page...sucks but I think its a problem with the program not just my site.

Now anyway, everyone stepping up is HUGE!!!! This is so awesome of all of you to do this. Thanks from the whole UTVUnderground team!!!!!!! Keep it up Code!!!
Hey every one, it’s me Code. I would like to thank everyone for the support in how you believe in my racing future. You have all been a tremendous impact on how I race. So I thank you all for the support.:D
If you come to the next round at M4SX, please come by and say hi, I would l would like to meet you.
My goal on starving racers.com was to get a Pyrotec Helmet and I did it with all your guys help, Thanks. Next time I see any of you guys, I am going to have a silver sharpi and you can sign my helmet.
Thank you.

It was the least that I could do..... Your dad convinced me to race Soboba last year... I had a great time. Then you let me follow you the entire race.... Thanks.
Code you just keep it up in school and doing what your doing on the track and only good things will happen! There will be tons of temptations to do things that seem "fun" but you know they are wrong! Fight the feeling and think of racing and the rewards gained from doing whats right. You have a bright future a head of you with parents that are willing to sacrifice to do whatever it is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Keep racing hard and clean, keep your grades up, and stay out of trouble and the UTVUnderground will always have your back!!!!!
Yea, i was thinking of letting Code drive my 01 car. I would have to put a cushion in the seat and some pedal expanders so he could reach................Well somebody had to screw with Code............ Brady : )

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