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...(the heading for this section):
"legal Issues, land closures, and anything related to laws and regulations effecting the off road community"

When atvs were more popular, riders refused to accept a substantial baton passed on to them by a quickly aging motorcycling community by and large extremely hostile to their very existence. This 'lost generation is now raising children of their own even more apathetic to not only the above issues but critical safety legacies in general.

Is there any hope whatsoever for succeeding generations to pick up either of these two mantles as their own...or will every upcoming point to the historic split caused by that very first 3-wheeler?

I blame at least some of this on the helmet issue within the on road motorcycle community which plagues us still today. This crazy train alone sucked a whole lot of air out of the room for decades on the safety side of motorized recreation. This (cough) 'indignation' bled on over to land issues as well in terms of the same fiercely independent attitudes: i.e. 'our trails versus theirs' or everyone simply wearing a helmet and working on the same trail systems for the sake of united powers in numbers.

Now we seem to have an atv generation birthing a SxS generation not only ignorant of the past but apparently doomed to sadly repeat a good portion of offroad history that wasn't all that great (deaths, maimings, land closures, extremely poor leadership, etc.).

Why would parents stick their kids in these things (the 'cockpits' of today) knowing full well the current state of the sport? With no leadership and no community whatsoever ...aren't they just as worried about 'the other guy' rounding that corner in the opposite direction or the closing down of our areas (making the sport 'mute'.)..as they are about simply 'teaching their own' (?).

The current thinking process seems to be:
Somebody is going to die or be maimed permanently out there this weekend at my favorite spot as it always happens...yet if it is't my kid or they don't close down my area?)...we're good to go for another weekend at the very least.

"Sustainable" as our young people have been brainwashed in to thinking about everything?....No.
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Important ongoing topics. Lots of work to be done to ensure we can make the boom of UTV a positive effect. Thank you for bringing this up.
If we can keep but one child and family from experiencing what most importantly they and much less this sport went through in the 70's, 80's and 90's as we all stood around and blamed others (primarily poor Appalachians in terms of 'statistics') ANY legitimate effort now will be rewarded.

Most of the aging (cough) 'leaders' long profiting from these intentional splits in the offroad community are thankfully fading away now. Yet until we unite everybody offroad who is willing to push back on this 'old guard' their successors will continue to drag us down to where we are today. New technologies + zero leadership = closed areas, perpetual tragedies and few if any advances in the cars themselves.

It's our choice in leaving anything behind to be proud of.

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