Whos going to race firebird monster nationals


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Anyone going to be out at Firebird this weekend? Whiplash bashers i am not looking for your negative remarks!!!!! They have the biggest car turn out at this race! Its a great time! 2 days of side by side racing!!:D
Team DWO and ICP wil be there in spirit. We are still building on the new car, Might come out Sunday. This race is always so much fun!!
I will be there, I have 2 buddies that will be racing. I heard court, bob, and dan will be there
ya i talked to bobby last night and he said he was comming just for saturday and dan is bringing his r1 , it will be a good time!!:D:D Im bringing two cars , so i have 1 to break each day!!
i will come and watch. do i buy the same ticket to watch the monster truck event or something different?
No , if you go to whiplashes web site you can by them cheaper now rather than buying them there , atleast thats how i did it , then you pick up the tickets at the whiplash trailer at fire bird. They are two different tickets!
I will be there for the weekend but I am only racing sunday.You should race promod Todd.
No. Austin and I will come out and watch saturday. My car is @ extreme getting some love. Had a good amount of damage from the sunday race to my rear suspension. Jimmy's doing some frame work to fix the problem.
I'm definitely racing Sunday and may come out Saturday and camp if other are.
I will be out on Sat only racing the Teryx, Dan K will be racing his R1.

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