Whiplash Halloween at Firebird.


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Good turnout and a nice mix of UTVs. As usual, if they dont break a honda Pilot won by a half a lap or more. Still seems to me like they should have those single seat guys in a class of there own, hopefully nexy year that will happen. My buddie Brandon Simms from Prescott AZ took second overall, from there it got so mixed up with lappers I have no idea.

The funnest to watch was a GSXR-1000 powered rhino. It was the maiden voyage for the car, it was put together very quickly, done in about 2 weeks total. I know Shawn (Thrashen Crashem), 2X and FST were all involved in the build. It took the driver 30 min to get used to the power and feel, then he really turned it up!!. He passed up to second, and had the speed to get first before the end when the rear sprocket bolts all twisted off.





Ialso think that the pilots should have there own class except that there only would have been 4 pro mods without them.This track definetely is a good track for them and if whiplash would throw in some whoops it really slows them down.The guy in the trophy cart with the dirt bike motor has a fast car but he is a horrible driver.He slammed into me on the first lap going down a straight and sent me sideways at 60 mph and nearly broke my wrist not to mention messing up my rhino.He was terrible at the oct 3 race and is still bad.He is not ready to be on a race track.

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