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I want to race bad!!! I have a 2009 Teryx and it already has a four seater roll cage. Do I need to purchase a two seater cage to race? Also, what other requirments are there that I need to make so I can enter a race? I know I need doors, Hard top, Helmet. But is there any other requirment besides the obvious? Also I am looking for new wheels & tires, Muzzy system and MSD ignition. I want to do more but this is all I can do for now. Any help would be appreciated...<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
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I live in Utah but not to far from Nevada. I want to do some Desert or even some Track. Like I said I'm new at this and need some good advice on how to approach this. I am up for any racing right now.
only of you were close to cail. i am putting on a race june 12. but if you want to get into racing you have to pick one or the other desert you will build your car one way and for sc it will be another way but anyone of them you cant run a bolt on cage. go to UTV Racing Association they have all the rules then you can see the way you want to go.

blue 760-638-0601
Utah has an Awesome race series called Bonnivlle off road. BOR Racing

We are having our first race of the season May 1st in Wendover NV. UTV's will race 138 miles. MC.Quads and UTV's do not race at the same time as trucks and buggies so the rules are far more relaxed. If your interested give me a call and I can tell you more about it.


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