All UTV's Unisteer Power Steering first impression


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I got the unit last week and got it installed before our new years Glamis trip. Easy as could be to install, took 90 min. Only had to drill 3 holes, bolt it up, connect a couple wires and done. It's just that easy.

First ride and all I can say is....


What a difference it makes having power steering. Its like steereing a sports car now. I drove all weekend at the dunes with zero problems and much more ease than before. This and the intercom are my two favorite recent adds.

I have to thank XMF for the hook up on this, they have them on sale at great prices at :cool:.

Gonna put a rackzilla in next.
I have had one of these in my play teryx for a little wile now. It's amazing how much nicer it makes it to drive. I haven't had the time to play with my teryx with all the racing lately but getting out to glamis this weekend was a blast and navigating the dunes sure was easy thanks to Unisteer. It is definitely at the top of my list for products you must have.
I have to agree. I have it on my Teryx (also on my race Teryx that I haven't driven yet) and love it. Makes it really pleasant to be behind the wheel.
your a baller Bobby! I am not sure I can run the unisteer.....Can you guys get some pics of your Unisteers installed?

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