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Retired - And Still UTVUNderground Approved!!!!

Race Dates
May 15-16 Manzanita Speedway Phoenix, AZ
May 29-30 Perris Auto Speedway, Perris, CA
June 20-21 Crandon Raceway, Crandon, WI
July 11-12 Bark River Intl Raceway, Bark River, MI
August 8-9 Bark River Intl Raceway, Bark River, MI
August 29 Perris Auto Speedway, Perris, CA
Sept 4-6 Crandon Intl Raceway, Crandon, WI
Sept 26-27 TBD
Oct 31-Nov 1 Las Vegas, NV

UPDATE, See below.
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The rumor was true, wonder what that means for UTV racing? Ill try to find out.

Mitch Covington
The Covington Agency

Off-Road Grand Prix Announces Unification of Short Course Off-Road Racing

Los Angeles, CA (January 17, 2009) - Off-road racer and Supercross legend Ricky Johnson and the principals of the Off-Road World Series in the Midwest, announced this morning that they have agreed to bring both their organizations together forming a new organization named the Off-Road Grand
Prix(tm) (ORGP or Off-Road GP). The move will solidify short-course off-road racing and unify the off-road racing communities and driver bases of the Midwest and the Western U.S.

A letter of intent was signed with the World Series and a new 2009 series schedule will be released as early as this coming Tuesday which will include eight races at venues in Phoenix, AZ; Crandon, WI; Bark River, MI; Oshkosh, WI; and Perris, CA. The events will be sanctioned and operated in cooperation with the United States Auto Club (USAC). The Off-Road Grand
Prix(tm) Series will be the exclusive short-course off-road series of USAC. The agreement gives ORGP long-term exclusive rights to hold off-road races at Crandon International Off-Road Raceway in Crandon, WI, and Bark River International Raceway near Escanaba, MI.

Johnson stated the agreement assures that short-course off-road racing, which has such a great heritage in the Midwest, will continue there as well as the West Coast. "One of the points in the deal that I am most excited about is that the USAC sanctioned Off-Road Grand Prix(tm) will be bringing the highest level of professional short-course off-road racing to passionate fans in the Midwest where the sport has its roots but also to the super fast racing community in the West," Johnson continued. "In 2009, we have a schedule of races that brings five weekends to the Midwest's best facilities in addition to several West Coast racing dates. It's truly a nation-wide, unified series with driver support and that's what the sport needed."

The management team at Off-Road Grand Prix(tm) has worked closely with a significant group of unified, high profile professional drivers and sponsors to put this package together. USAC will also play a major role in the series operations as they do in several other series. Currently USAC sanctions K&N Silver Crown Series, National Sprint Car Series, Mopar Midget National Championship, Ford Focus and .25 Midgets.

In addition, Off-Road Grand Prix(tm) will create advisory boards consisting of drivers and sponsors alike to insure that both groups have a voice in
structuring the decisions of the series. More details along with a
schedule will be announced next week.

Check out USAC Racing at:
WOW....SO does that mean guys will be traveling from the midest to west coast and visa versa to race this series and compete for points? Great info dnf! Keep it coming!!!
WOW....SO does that mean guys will be traveling from the midest to west coast and visa versa to race this series and compete for points? Great info dnf! Keep it coming!!!

Just the west. Bump for update.
UPDATE, more questions than answers for the Spotsman (UTV) racers.


Lake Elsinore, CA (January 29, 2009) – The USAC sanctioned Off-Road Grand Prix announced today that it will be holding eight, points-race weekends plus two sportsman weekends in 2009 with the world’s best short-course drivers from coast-to-coast. The season will take flight at Perris Auto Speedway in California, make a Midwest swing, including the prestigious Crandon International Off-Road Speedway, and end in Las Vegas in November. With the Professional Drivers Group kicking in, it is sure to deliver the best racing entertainment going. The inaugural season looks like this:
(Points Races in Bold)

May 15th -16th Manzanita Speedway Phoenix, AZ
May 29th – 30th Perris Auto Speedway, Perris, CA
June 20th-21st Crandon, WI
July 11th – 12th *** Bark River, MI (no pro points, Sportsman East)
July 25th – 26th Oshkosh, WI
August 8th- 9th Bark River, MI
August 29th – 30th *** Perris, CA (Sportsman West, no pro points)
September 5th – 6th Crandon, WI (Double Points) (proposed Network TV)
September 26th – 27th TBD**
October 31st – November 1 Las Vegas, NV (proposed NETWORK TV)
November 2nd Awards Banquet in Las Vegas and SEMA Kickoff Party
Hosted by Cary Hart at Hard Rock Hotel

***The September Perris Race will most likely change to another California venue pending final negotiations. Perris is reserved as back-up.

“We have put together some exciting venues featuring the prestigious Crandon International Speedway where this year will mark the 40th anniversary of “the birthplace of short course racingâ€ÂÂ, stated Ricky Johnson, series owner. “ This schedule will cover a wide range of tracks and different looks for the drivers and fans. I am really looking forward to some old-fashioned, ass-kicking door-to-door action†across the country. We added a west coast sportsman races to give the teams that don’t travel back to the Midwest a place to raceâ€ÂÂ, Johnson continued.

Johnson also wants everyone to get a taste of both short “supercross-type†tracks as well as wide-open tracks like “The Big House at Crandonâ€ÂÂ. “We want to experiment a little with different venues like Perris where I can promise you the racing will be exciting for drivers and fans alike†Johnson continued. “If the fans and drivers don’t like it – we will try something else. But t I can tell from my experience there already – it’s going be great time in a great location in Southern Californiaâ€ÂÂ.

Of course, the sportsman classes will continue in both the west coast and Midwest. While the final class structures are still being hashed-out, there will certainly be a class for everyone to come out and show what you got. All classes will announced very soon, but don’t look for a lot of changes from WSORR and previous series. USAC will be in the middle of things to keep a consistent and impartial hand on the rules. “We are really excited about USAC taking the key role in running these eventsâ€ÂÂ.

The series is planning for all the points events to be televised either on major Network or sports cable networks. Television discussions are confidential at this time but some announcements on the TV packages are just around the corner.

“We have been assured that the time slots are available in our discussions so far. We have ongoing talks with major networks and cable channels and I am really excited about what I’m hearing so far,†stated Mitch Covington, CFO of Off-Road Grand Prix. “Our process of selecting TV partners and partners for production are progressing much faster than I had ever anticipated and it is obvious that short-course off-road racing is in demand despite all the confusion of late,†Covington continued. “Make no mistake, 2009 is a critical year with the sponsor community and we will be very diligent in choosing our partners in order to build a financially viable and sustainable series for everyone envolved. Its going to take a lot of support from racers and sponsors alike this year to make this thing stand on it own two feet. We will be watching our budget closely.â€ÂÂ

A website is on its way but not up yet. “With everything coming together so fast, we have the website folks on hold’’, said Johnson. “Tiffany at the office up in Crandon is doing a great job and we will be turning her loose soon to get some stuff done.†Stay tuned – more news coming……….
Will there be Trophy Kart racing at this series as well?
Hey, I didnt do that??

Thanks boss, your on top of it.

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