Time to go purchase some hiking boots! Omnibus Measure Hits House Floor

The Lyin King

Public Lands Advocate
Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 – Bill # S. 22

The House of Representatives Vote Tomorrow (February 10, 2009).

Unfortunately, it is expected that it will be “greased†right on through.

Over 2.2 million acres of mostly “former†BLM lands will be forever locked down under the “Wilderness†designation, walk in barefoot and naked or stay home.
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My RANT on this issue from another site, sorry . . . I'm human too!

Well, I finally cooled off. Here's something more positive and helpful.

As of 2004, according to the US Forest Service (http://www.fs.fed.us/projects/four-t...creation.shtml) there were 51 MILLION of us and we didn't bother to turn out in enough numbers over this and other access issues to make any difference.

According to the National Off-Road Association (http://www.nora-usa.com/different.cfm) the off-road industry is responsible for contributing over $100 billion dollars annually to the US economy and for employing over 1 million Americans.

As a community, we have failed to recognize the power of what successful lobbying and advocacy could accomplish for the OHV community. Many groups who oppose OHV activities conduct powerful and effective lobbying and advocacy efforts. It is unreasonable to expect our elected representatives to support our goals when all they hear is the opposing side of our story.
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I feel your frustration Lyin King. It does feel like so many ignore the issues at hand. We all need to open our eyes and realize what is happening!! If we stand by and do nothing we may not be able to see our kids kids enjoy the sport and hobby we all love!!

Come on Underground members. I know you guys are checking these threads out by Lyin King. Lets help him and all the others who are sacrificing so much time and energy to save our off road rights and support them by writing thse letters and making some calls. It really doesnt take much!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!
it does seem like alot just ignore the fact that we now need to stand up or what we love to do outdoors in the future will be gone. Hey what parts of the country will this 22 mill acres affect?
it does seem like alot just ignore the fact that we now need to stand up or what we love to do outdoors in the future will be gone. Hey what parts of the country will this 22 mill acres affect?

Mostly BLM Land in 12 Western States.

I copied the following list from a post I made on another site so please excuse some broken links! I don't have time to fix them but you should be able to "Google" the act or bill name for more specific information if you are interested.

There are issues other than the raw "Wilderness Land Grab" happening in Western States included in this list but they still cause a loss of Public Lands.

California Desert and Mountain Heritage Act

Background on the bill, including a description of areas and maps, is located at:
California Desert and Mountain Wilderness Campaign.

Eastern Sierra and Northern San Gabriel Wild Heritage Act – California

A factsheet on the legislation is located at:
Keep the Eastern Sierra Wild » Protect Wild Lands.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Wilderness Act –California

A copy of the legislation is located at:
getdoc.cgi?dbname=110_cong_bills&docid=f:h3022rs.t xt.pdf.

Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area and Dominguez Canyon
Wilderness Area Act – Colorado

For background, see: http://www.ourcolorado.org/what-we-d...areaproposals/

Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness and Indian Peaks Wilderness Expansion
Act - Colorado

For more information, see:

Owyhee Public Lands Management Act of 2007 – Idaho

Background, factsheets, and other materials located at:
Mike Crapo, U.S. Senate: Owyhee Initiative.

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Voluntary and Equitable Grazing Conflict
Resolution Act – Oregon

For more information, see:
Soda Mountain Wilderness — Oregon Wild.

Copper Salmon Wilderness Act – Oregon

For more information, see: Copper Salmon Wilderness Campaign — Oregon Wild or
Friends of Elk River - Copper Salmon Wilderness Campaign.

Lewis and Clark Mt. Hood Wilderness Act of 2007 – Oregon

Background, fact sheets, and maps are located at:
Mount Hood Wilderness Campaign — Oregon Wild.

Oregon Badlands Wilderness Act

Background information, photos, maps, and more is located at:
Badlands Proposed Wilderness — Oregon Natural Desert Association.

Spring Basin Wilderness Act – Oregon

Background materials are located at:

Sabinoso Wilderness Act – New Mexico

For more information, see:
Sabinoso Wilderness — NMWild.

Wild Monongahela Act – West Virginia

For background information, see:
West Virginia Wilderness Coalition :: WVWild.org
or The Wilderness Society.

Virginia Ridge and Valley Act

More information, including testimonials from supporters and a description of areas, is located at:
Virginia - We Love it Wild!.

Beaver Basin Wilderness- Michigan

Information on Pictured Rocks is available at:
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (U.S. National Park Service).
A copy of the legislation can be found at: THOMAS (Library of Congress).

National Landscape Conservation System Act

For background information, see: The Conservation System Alliance.

Wyoming Range Legacy Act

For more information, see:
Citizens Protecting the Wyoming Range: Issues: The Wyoming Range Legacy Act: A solution for Wyoming.

Washington County Growth and Conservation Act – Utah

The 2008 version of the legislation can be found through:
THOMAS (Library of Congress).

Izembek and Alaska Peninsula Refuge and Wilderness Enhancement Act

For more information, see:
Lyin King is right fellas, we all need to get more involved in this stuff...fight for your rights or Al Gore and his cloneys will get the best of us and our lands.

Lyin King...PM sent

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