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I cannot say Thank you enough to Dave at 2X Motorsports, and Scott and Jimmy at XMF....

I always procrastinate til the last minute to prep my rhino for a race and it always fails me. Upon prepping this week, I noticed my wheels bearings had gone out. I have a one off set of billet spindles on my rhino and with the wheel bearings going out, it ruined the billet spindle. I had no choice but to get a new pair of spindles... Once again, Dave at 2X comes through and gets me a new set of HCR's!


The HCR's wouldnt fit with my long travel set up correctly, so I took them over to Xtreme Machine and Fab and Scott spent extra time after work taking care of the situation!

Without 2X Motorsports and XMF there would be no way I could race this weekend. Again, I cannot say THANK YOU enough to both of these companies going above and beyond to get me taken care of. These types of people are what keep the racing community going!

If you need any OEM Rhino parts, 2X Motorsports is the place to get them! Including all aftermarket parts! Everyone knows that XMF's Long Travel kit is race proven at the top of the podium! Dont forget about all their billet accesories, cages, doors or anything custom you may need!

Great post Justin!!! I hear nothing but great things about 2X and we all know XMF is the best of the best in UTV. I wish you luck at Snowflake my man!!!! Your my favorite to win this year!!!
What happened to your car? We saw you parked up in the trees off the track?

yeah cause racing a truck is really affordable when you throw a rod! LOL

Sorry to hear about your bum luck Justin!
Time to go Rotax!!!

So I can get my ass handed to me by an R1 ?!?

No big deal fellas. I have a super secret benchmark 686 laying around that will get some good use now! Hoping to find some
extra cash laying around in the couches for Parker!
I know a ton of people that would laugh at that then again you have discuss what kind of truck...if your talking class 7, 8 or TT your high...class 1400/50 then maybe but the cost of building the truck would be way more than the cost of building a quality desert UTV. Of course anyone can overspend or be overcharged in both arenas but comeon, a truck program is way gnarlier than a UTV program...
Not all of us are ballers like you joey!

Of course tt and class1's are a lot. I was meaning more like 1450's, trophy lites, pro lites,or super lites...
IN all of my comments on this lame subject how the f do you get that I am trying to include my pocket book into this stupid conversation? LOL So retarded.....yeah I am such a baller I race nothing dip shit....LMAO

And I got what you were saying, but even then your still high. Sure if your running a Kimbrell, VanBeekum, or Geroge program in UTV then maybe your UTV program is close to the cost of running a PL/SL truck program on a track but even then if you run it for the season competitively I think eeryone will agree the truck program will run you more money...maybe I am wrong, but Funco, Person, and Kimbrell soon enough will be able to answer this for us...but we are talking desert are we not? And in the desert your logisitics, fuel, entry, and everything else goes way through the roof, not to mention keeping the f'n truck running race in and race out.

You can argue it but its a lost cause. Whether or not you want to base your comeback on me thinking I am a baller or not, well now thats up to you......

Not all of us are mathmatical genius like you DANNY....LOL...
I think maybe what they mean is a 1450 truck can be bought $15000. You can go race that in the desert for the same price as a UTV but with a truck they are less likely to break all the time. A couple of my friends race 1450 trucks on peanuts for a budget. They race MDR and Drive with a 4 to 5 guy crew. If you blow a UTV motor your out a couple thousand dollars you can buy a Ford Ranger motor for $900 from the junk yard all day long. In my opinion a 1450 truck would be cheaper to run for a whole season than a UTV. Danny is a wizard at math and Joey is a baller!!!!!!
Sure you can go buy a pile for $15K and race some small grass roots series like drive, mdr or whatever...sure...There is a way to go race cheap and then there is a way to go race competitive. If you plan to race in BITD, Baja, etc, your not doing it on a avg UTV team guys can split hairs all you apples to apples here: if you race the BITD desert series in UTV, do you HONESTLY think you can race that entire same season in a 1450 truck on the same budget and remain competitive and do it right with pits and everything else it takes to win? NO WAY.....Just sayin....You mention the UTV's breaking all the time, what trucks dont break? Guys dont lose tranny's, rear ends, driveshafts, clutches, motors, WRECK, BODIES??? WTF?

Now if you took a full UTV BITD comeptitive team and schedule, sold the UTV $20-$25K race car cause thats all you would get no matter how sick the car, and then bought that $15K 1450 pile and decided to race 3 times a year maybe 4 with a 4 man team and did all small loop races with no chasing or pit strategies then yeah you could make it happen so if thats your defense then ok I get it....

But noit sure why I am arguing here Rusty is all knowing race him your budget, he'll build you a race team....LOL

If reality was money then I would be a baller cause you boys are living in a fantasy world with your logic......hahahahahaahahah

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