Kawasaki Teryx Chassis dimensions


Hi guy's,
My first post and it's great to be here where you guy's build and fabricate some great machines. I was wondering if anyone knows if the dimensions of a Teryx frame are floating around anywhere? I have the manual and parts list and it has the exploded view of the frame but no dimensions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and the site is awesome.
Thank's Joey. I know this isn't oh, how shall I say, legal BUUUUUUUT, I want to build a full tube race chassis for my Teryx but I don't want to have it down while I am building it. SOOOOO, What I was thinking of doing was build the main frame also and cut out the ID tag on the factory frame and weld it into my new frame when it is done. I mean, It is just a piece of box tubing, I did buy it new, I have the title and when I am done and I grind my welds smooth who would ever know. This way I can enjoy my machine until the new one is ready. Oh and by the way, I turn back speedometers too if anyone needs it. (JK)

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