SR1 DEMO @ Stadium Kart World Championships


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I wanted to thanks The Weller Racing crew for busting butt and pulling thru with SR1's at the Stadium Kart World Championship . This was a great preview to what's going to happen in a couple weeks at the Lucas Oil Off Road Series. The cars are amazing and I feel this is a stepping stone for the kids coming out of Trophy Karts that want to keep racing but can step up to the U lite or U buggy class. Im sure the cars will hold there value and at the end of the season it will pan out to be a great investment for these racers. This class is going to catch like wild fire so get yours now!!

What are your Thoughts? Thanks Ken
Im with you Ken. Im really excited to be at the forefront of this evolution of UTV racing, and cant wait for a great year of racing!!
Ken I definitely agree with you that The R1 Rhino is the future of sidexside racing. There should be a big group of them @ the first LORRS race. Hopefully Corry has the bugs worked out of hers so she can school the boys.

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