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Just wondering what is the ball park cost to convert to a SR1 for the people out there thinking about this new class
It depends on how you do it. I think, personally, the least expensive route and the quickest is to find a race Rhino for sale that is already lowered and widened, and either built for short course, or easily converted. I saw a Mason Rhino for sale on RDC, as well as the Ingham Racing one I posted a link to......there is also another SR1 Rhino for sale here in AZ for about $15k, I think? Needs to be lowered a little to be really competitive, but it's already got the SR1 kit in it.....

Then, it's $3450 for the whole conversion kit, including the mounting kit, axles, centerboard hubs, inner cv's, carrier, chain, sprockets, hubs, etc.....if you are crafty and want to do your own drive system, then the only thing needed for the class is the mounting plates. It just can't be an FNR box - has to be a chain drive/carrier style setup.

You can find motors on Ebay....the older ones, like mine (02/03) are less expensive....but typically have more miles on them. The 07/08's that everyone else is running are a little more, but if you shop around, you can find some really good deals. Mine I have gotten for around $600-$700 - the newer ones are between $1200 and $2500, depending on who's selling them....

You can sell your Rhino motor and drive train (diffs, etc) to offset the cost of the kit.....

Then, you will need the other little things to make it all work right - custom headers to route the exhaust properly....a pipe....plumb your radiator....add a clutch pedal/throttle cable....shifter.....I don't use a cluster, but most of the guys have that, as well. You can do this by using as many of the stock Rhino parts as possible to save money, or you can just say "screw it" and get new pedals, etc.....I love the stock Rhino shifter, so I kept that. I also used a Rhino brake pedal cut in half for my clutch pedal.....worked great! Went with a cable throttle for a long time, as well.

If you build it from the ground up, it can save you money if you are a fabricator and can do everything yourself. If you source it out and have the whole thing built, it could get pretty pricey.....

So....not sure if that helps or not, but it's a start.

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