RZRs EDGE KOH race rundown


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Wow what a week at KOH. Left Monday morning, got there weather was great car looked sweet. Tuesday morning got hook
up with 1909 and did about 20 miles of prerunning... Then the rain came all night was a sloppy Wen, when we preran the first 27 miles car went out clean came back with 20 lbs of mud on her. Made it to the sand, rock hill I Tried 3 times to get up hill could not make it, needless to say who know me I got a little pissed off got out of the car and told my hotshot co driver co pilot Bill to get the f.... car up the hill.
He nailed it and went up on 2 wheels, twice. Well I told him now you are going to drive.
Race day started good for the team made it around holding our spot of about 5-7th most of the race, changing spots a few times with Casey who started last by choice a good time for a few miles. well had a few flats 2 we think due to air pressure. PITBULL Tires were kickin A.. all week. What next we ran out of gas, I know thought we had all 17 gallons in but did not ooops. so our day ended at mile 43....
Thanks Mike L for some gas dont tell anyone.....lol..
Was a great time what a great group to race with and drink with, hangin at camp. Next year need to have 1 BIG A.. UTVUG camp..
To my SPONSERS ... Better there then a BITD race... Will post pics at work Monday...
Hey Mike, too bad about this race, I had a blast out there... I guess we should have taken more spare gas out there! LOL
It was great meeting the whole RZR'S EDGE RACE TEAM! We had a blast and wish we had more time to hang with you guys!

There was 3 cars that didn't use there wench on the sand hill!!

The Muzzy Race car : Crowley
Team monster:Casey Currie

See you guys soon!!



Awesome race week, had a riot preuniing the course in new RZR4, went everywhere the race RZR did, even up the sand hill. did get it a lil muddy, lil is an understatement, had a great time, cant wait to see more of the pics.
The whole RZRs Edge Team is an awesome group and UTVUnderground.com is proud to be their media sponsor! I cant wait to hang with you guys again and yes next time it needs to be one huge UTVUG COMPOUND!
WOW those are some great pics there Daniel :D:D
Thanks to the UTVUG, and Joey D for all they do for the race team.

The best SITE on the web for Racers....

Also THANKS to UTVweekly, OffroadPress, UTV Offroad mag
you guys KICK A..

Up next the BITD Silver State 300..
UTVUG should be a the Bilek to represent as well!!! Gonna try and tag along with Lasher Motorsports!
sorry to hear about the dnf mike...
The rzrs edge guys are a great group of people! Hope to see you soon

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