Rugged Radios Beater Toyota Build!


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So.... I went and picked up this bad boy yesterday!

1986 Toyota Truck with the 22RTE Turbo motor in it! Just had a new Garrett turbo put on, has an adjustable wastegate, fiberglass front fenders and pin on hood. Unknown from A Arm kit with 2.5 SAW coilovers on 31" tires and Centerline rims. Rear suspension is stock besides some Bilsteins.

Has a Magnaflow exhaust, boost gauge, A/F mixture gauge. The truck used to be a 4x4 so it has the 4x hubs up front along with the Tcase still in there. Its caged front to back.

It has 2 race buckets in it that arent bolted down, and 2 harnesses that are bailing wired to the cage

Plan is to strip it down, new seats and harnesses properly mounted. Rebuild the SAWs. Replace the balljoints with uniballs on the front, deavers and coilovers in the back.

Finish the rear by deleting the bed, adding bedsides, dual spares, couple other little touches.

Do some bodywork and bondo, sand it down, and have MAACO shoot it for $200 and then throw some Rugged stickers on it









Heres what I know so far:

· Transmission from 93 Toy V6.
· Installed w/ adapter bell housing from Marlin Crawler.
· 5 lb Heavier flywheel
· Centerforce II Clutch
· Custom rear driveshaft by Villa Auto
· 10w-40 Oil
· 1.5 x .095â€ÂÂ, some 1â€ÂÂ. Bumper and A arms.
· New Lifetime Pro Plug Wires 2/2005 from Westside Auto.
· ½†4130 Tierods
· 5/8†Heim Steering
· 7-9 pound wastegate spring. Performance Express Inc, same place bought the turbo. T3/T4 hybrid. Max 25lbs. Runs 10lbs.
· Flex-A-Lite electric fan
· Painted front suspension (Dangelos Paint)
· Lifetime warranty tint from Super Tint.
· New headliner (recovered)
· New Hub
· New starter from NAPA
· 1.5 x .120†Roll Cage
· Front dual rates 500/500
· 10†Limit Straps
· 5 point Harnesses from Summit 2002.
holy $h it is that the 5 point hanging from a wire :eek:
Diamond in the rough
What we had replaced today:

Both front calipers
Both front rotors
Both front pads (the previous owner had them on BACKWARDS )
Both front lower balljoints
3 wheel studs
Idler Arm

The thing actually freewheels now and drives well. I need to find a nice set of used tires for it then we will get it aligned. A bit more turbo tweaking and it will be due for its first outing!

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