removing primary clutch on Comet CVT


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I could use some help getting the primary clutch off my Cushman 1600xd/Mechron 2200/BadBoys Buggies XD as I cannot find much model specific information and I'm new to CVT transmissions in general. My understanding is it uses a Comet type CVT. I've been able to break the secondary driven pulley loose but need a game plan for the primary. I've removed a 6.5" long M12x1.25 bolt holding it on. This is where I assume a specialized clutch puller would come into play, but have no idea how to source one for this application. Should i try to make my own with some M12 threaded rod If i can find some? water trick? use a jaw puller? I'm a bit confused by what I should be pulling on vs whats stationary. sticking a small wooden rod in the hole, there seems to be any extra 1.5" beyond where the end of the bolt/thread engagement. There also is a larger diameter threads towards the bolt neck/head which the bolt slides through/doesn't engage on (but you can see their imprint on the bolt's neck). Any expert advise/experience would be appreciated.



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I would think the internal body of the clutch should have an I.D thread. If so you will have to try and source a puller that threads into that.

so the puller should engage the threads inward closer to the engine, sames ones the bolt grabs thats holds the primary on? or should it engage the outer threads closer to the bolt head, the ones the bolt slides through? I assume the inner ones. From probing, there is only like 1" past the threads until the hole bottoms out. So the puller you pictured has way more than that after the threads. I'm thinking I could use some threaded rod with two nuts and grind smooth the appropriate length of threads to ground it out at the bottom since I wouldn't know where to begin to find the right puller application for this Comet clutch.
So I was able to locate a workshop manual that makes mention of the factory tool with dimensions. Being a google search has turned up nothing for the factory tool, any idea if there are any other similar applications out there?

EDIT: and it looks like I was wrong, the tool needs to grab those out treads the factory bolt passes through, not the inner ones the factory bolt latches to.


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If its like the polaris machine the threads of the puller engage the threads on the primary clutch, and the long shank on the puller would push on the ID of the threaded hole on the crank.

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