Racers Package for UTV Communications:


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If youd like to make a step up from the kit I posted earlier today for racing purposes, this is it!

For the race UTV:

  • Helmet kit with 3.5mm plug to run earbuds if wanted
  • Car Harness
  • Velcro Mount Push To Talk
  • Vertex HX370 Waterproof/Dustproof Alphanumeric Display 5 watt radio
  • HX370 adapter cable to car harness

For your pit/chase:

  • HX370 Radio same as above
  • H42-Carbon Fiber Pro Series Behind the Head Headset
  • Coil Cord to connect the two

Retail on this kit is $980. UTVUG Racer Members price - $549.

THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE UTV UNDERGROUND MEMBERS SPECIAL - Wont find this anywhere else on the net and gotta be a UTVUG Member!

We also sell Pumper helmets if interested, wired and ready to go.


That is a smoking deal right there, I paid $800+ for a similar set up a little over a year ago.

Gonna have to hook me up w/ an xtra head set & I-com.
Get on it!! rep points for Rugged!! These are stellar deals!!! I cant wait to tell people to come check these deals out!!!
Anyone that calls to order we are verifying your UTVUG username, so hopefully well be driving a bunch of new users to the site as well!
aww sheet we are damn close.

what is the car harness? will it charge off the cars 12v system?

how much for an extra carbon fiber over the head headset?

can i just get the earbuds instead of the helmet kit?
The racer has questions!!!! They are gonna hook it up for the racers Mike!!! Rugged Is the BOMB!!!
The car harness is just the cable that we use to plug everything together - helmet, PTT, radio, etc.

No charging off the 12volt system, however teh HX370 comes with a rechargable battery, as well as 120v and 12v chargers. Also has a AA battery pack so you can just pop in AAs for extended trips, or we can set you up with extra batteries.

I can do extra headsets for $100, carbon fiber finish is a $25 upgrade fee.

The helmet kit has the earbud jack built in, so you have the speakers backup if your earbuds come unplugged or fall out of your ears or something.
got it.

how long do the batteries last? how long to recharge? how much for extra batteries?

i hate having to conserve battery power and always worring about it.
No issues with battery life.... this radio will run for like 17 hours of talk time I think - PLENTY for a race. Extra batteries are about $25 each I think..... and it just takes a few hours to charge them up.
right on!! now i will get the approval from the warden and have her call and order up a kit. but first i have to tell her i spent $420 on a fuel system for the RZR and another $200 to dyno tune it at Weller today. then i will be leaving her for Glamis on Valentines day. geez now that i said all that i am a Richard Cranium! oh well cant make everyone happy at the same time. i am sure i will pay for this one.

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