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Here we go! Our first Long Term Product Review on!

We will be performing this review on a set of Pit Bull Growler XOR Tires.

Pit Bull Tires

PIT BULL LT 4x4 TIRES :: Rock, Mud, Trail, Sand and Snow Super Extreme Off Road Tire Company

Front Tires:
PitBull Growler X.O.R
Xtreme Offroad Radial
25.5x8xR12, 6 ply
Max Load 410 lbs @ 7 psi operating pressure.

Rear Tires:
PitBull Growler X.O.R
Xtreme Offroad Radial
Max Load 480lbs @ 7psi operating presure


The vehicle we are running these on is the Off Road Swap Meet 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660. It has a Magnum Off Road +6 Long Travel Suspension with Radflo Shocks. It is a family 4 seater. No motor mods, except for intake and Muzzy's exhaust. We mounted the tires on a set of 12" Yamaha SE wheels.

Our first impression of these tires is AGGRESSIVE. Big aggressive tread pattern, tires feel a heavy to the touch but no heavier then standard tires and seem lighter than big horns. We will weigh them up against my Big Horn 25" tires for comparison.


We thought for sure the tires would HUMMMMMMMMMMM when driving down the road but surprisingly they are quiet and SMOOTH! We will soon have these bad boys in Ocotillo Wells to run around in the hard pack desert and play in the rocks. We will also have an opportunity to get these to the dunes this season to see how they do in the sand. My first thought is in the sand with about 7lbs of pressure these guys are going to do really well!

If you guys would like to see us do something or if you have a question please let us know

It looks like the sidewalls don't have much give. Are the pictures shown at 7psi? If so they will not do very good in the sand. You need to create a cushion for tire to float over the sand. If they don't perform that well on the 1st sand test we should redo it with beadlocks and drop the pressure to like 4 and see how they do. Is 7psi just what they load rated them at or is that recommend operating psi. I hit a small soft ball size rock in ocotillo with my BFG's and bent a wheel (@5psi).

It look like we just added some more for us to do on our Turkey desert adventure. We can mount my go pro to the side of your car and get some close ups of the tires in action.
Looking for information on how they do in fast sharp turns. Mainly on hard pack & some soft terrain. My RZR has alot of mid corner & corner exit understeer despite my efforts to improve it. Also how much they weigh would be great to know.

I am currently running non grooved bighorns so any comparisons against bighorns would be fantastic.

Thanks, Scott
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7 psi is recomended with a load of 480 lbs on the rear and the front is 410 lbs of load @ 7 psi. These tires straight put in work.We will have some action video soon of what the PITBULL TIRE can do.Bead locks coming soon!!!!!The first Sand test will be @ sand damn..
rusty, i agree with you. i run 4psi on my mudlites in the sand and thats the only way my rhino will move.. other than that if i run any more than 6psi it just spins everywhere...

luckily i havent lost a bead yet in the sand though, got no beadlocks and so far so bueno!!! lol
Dan can we get a pressure test to get rolling to know where the tires are at right now?

Once ThePitBull sees this I am sure he will chime in with some good tech info.......

I cant wait to see how these tires work. I think they look awesome all mounted up!
The PITBULL tires are now at 7 psi front and back. 7 psi is recomended @ 480lb load on the rear. I know you can drop these down pretty low on pressure.I think we'll be at 4 psi in sand with no bead lock rims.
TEST will be @ superstition AKA "Sand dam"

Looking for information on how they do in fast sharp turns. Mainly on hard pack & some soft terrain. My RZR has alot of mid corner & corner exit understeer despite my efforts to improve it. Also how much they weigh would be great to know.

I am currently running non grooved bighorns so any comparisons against bighorns would be fantastic.

Thanks, Scott

I've got a set of the Growlers in the same sizes and will be running them on my RZR with beadlocks. So far, I am super impressed with the craftsmanship and overall build of the tires. Here are the weights as posted by Pit Bull on another forum:

25.5x8R12 Growler XOR = 25.2 lbs
25.5x10R12 Growler XOR = 31.5
25.5x8R14 Growler XOR = 24.2
25.5x10R14 Growler XOR = 31.0

25.5x8R12 Rocker Uber XOR = 26.5 lbs
25.5x10R12 Rocker Uber XOR = 31.7
25.5x8R14 Rocker Uber XOR = 26.1
25.5x10R14 Rocker Uber XOR = 31.2
OK, I got the tires mounted on Douglas Rockstar OMF beadlocks from UTV Crap today. The pictures below now show the Pit Bulls mounted on a rim and aired up next to the other tires.

First off, the mounted Pit Bull tire is both taller and wider than both the Carlisle and the Stock polaris tire/wheel.

Second, they look BAD ASS.

Some of the changes I have noticed. I have more ground clearance than before with the Pit Bulls. Tire weight between the Carlisle and pit bull tires is very close if not similar. My acceleration and top end speed is the same.

Now, what I am really impressed with is how smooth the ride is. Before, the Carlisle's had a smooth ride on the hard ball and I could cruise at 55+ mph no problem. So after switching the tires out I drove it on the hardball and at 55+ mph with the Pit Bull Growlers, it actually felt smoother than the Carlisle's. I figured the aggressive tread pattern would make for a less smooth ride but it isn't so. The tires are very quite and the ride is smooth on the hardball. It's apparent that their being radial tires is an advantage even with an aggressive tread pattern.

My second test was on the gravel roads and sandy/silt trails. I was still able to cruise at 55 mph on the gravel trails. I did notice a tad bit more drift than I was used to but nothing detrimental given I was on a rutted up, uneven gravel trail at 55 mph. The tread pattern is more aggressive than the carlisle's but the kick up and dust the Pit Bulls created wasn't that much more noticeable. They do kick up a little bit more than I am used to but again, it's nothing major.

The Pit Bulls do grip the terrain, when I doubled back to look at the tracks I could see where the tires had clearly gained traction. In the silt/baby powder they did very well and I was surprised to see that the tread design actually kicks the dust/debris coming off of the tire away from the cab at about a 20 degree angle. So while I think it helps to have the S flares, I didn't find any more or less dust/rocks coming into the cab because of the tread pattern. I didn't feel that the tires sunk or dug in the silty areas nor did I feel like I lost steering control inputs when turning hard. I did notice the huge dust cloud I created but unless you were behind me, it wouldn't matter as the dust was minimal in the cab again.

I will take a ride in the rocks and steep softball size scree hills tomorrow and let you know how they perform going over and up rocky terrain.

So far, I am REALLY impressed with how these tires perform, especially on the hardball. They feel like passenger car tires on the hardball and are not "knobby" feeling at all, even at 55+ mph. The added height I gained is also welcome as I didn't have to do anything other than change the tires out to gain lift while still running a 25" tire.

Did I mention how BAD ASS these tires are?

















So does anyone have any miles on the tires yet? Come on keep us posted.

Tires ran great and with no issues!! They grab around the turns and I was very impressed with the way they take the turns!!

Video of the Pittbull TIRE in action to come, with a updated review!!
I have a little over 100+ miles on mine at the moment with them running on everything except snow and deep mud. Tires show very little to no wear and have withstood the scree fields I've run them through to include bushwhacking over volcanic rock and heavy brush/cacti/thorns.

I am very happy with their performance and as of right now I can honestly say they are one of the best UTV/ATV/Truck tires out there IMO. Definitely a quality product thats well built.
Cool keep us updated. I want to order a set ,but wanted to see how they held up first.

these tires are sick! They look awesome and acording to OffROadSwapMeet they worked awesome!! They do kick up a bunch of dust and rocks! LOL dont follow to close behind someone with the PIT BULLS!!!!
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