PALA RACEWAY GRP Spring Enduro GP Series

Updated EVENT SCHEDULE: as of 3/9/2010


GRP Spring Enduro Grand Prix

March 13th , 2010

Spring Enduro Grand Prix

Presented by Pala Raceway, Komatsu, No Fear, Spy, DC Shoes, Red Bull, FMF, MotoCutz, Toyota of Escondido, Wireless Works,, and, North County House of Motorcycles, North County Mobile Electronics, SummersBrothers Racing, and more.

Pre Entries are $30 per Entry, Post Entries are $40 per entry.
100% Pro Payback and 30% Trophies in all Classes.
Prizes and raffle give aways from companies DC Shoes, Red Bull, Spy, No Fear, FMF, MotoCutz, Toyota of Escondido, Wireless Works and more.
Pre Registration Starts February 22nd. Pre Registration Closes on March 12th at 8pm.
ATTN: If Interest is high enough in the ATV, Side X Side, and Trophy Kart divisions those classes may move to Sunday March 14th and have their own Extended Race Program.
E-mail or call 1-888-PALA-MX1 [1.888.725.2691] for additional information.

The GRP Spring Grand Prix at Pala Raceway will be an off road race that will incorporate the upper portion of the Pala Raceway
including motocross tracks, trails, and access roads. During the five mile loop riders will navigate through high speed sections,

the New Motocross Race Track, tight trails on the Northern slopes, sand washes, and much more over the course of a 45 minute

plus 1 lap moto that will test man and machine. Preliminary course map coming soon

** Pala Raceway Membership is required for all drivers and passengers. $20.00 per person
Overnight Camping is available at $20.00/per night (no hookups)

Saturday Schedule: March 13, 2010

Pala Raceway Gates Opens: 6:30 am
1 lap Practice starts at 8:00am
Racing to start at approx. 8:45am
10am to 3pm will be holding a swapmeet for new & used parts for MX, Quads, SXS, Trophy Karts & more
Overnight Camping is available at $20.00/per night (no hookups)
ATVs, UTVs & Trophy Karts Sighting Lap at approx 3:30 pm



Sat - 3/13/10 6:30am gates open

6:30am Sign Ups and Registration​

8:00am - 8:30pm Practice Sighting Laps
8:40 am Riders Meeting Over PA System
8:45 am Race #1 Vet 30 + and Armed Forces (45 Minutes + 1 Lap)
9:45 am Race #2 All 125cc-250Fcc Classes, Women Expert (45 Minutes + 1 Lap)

10:45 am Race #3 All Vet 40+, Vet 50+, Vet 60+ Seniors/Masters Classes (45 Minutes + 1 Lap)

11:45 am Race #4 All 85cc, Vintage, Bomber, Classics, and Woman Amateur Classes (45 Minutes + 1 lap)​

12:45 pm Race #5 All 250cc-450Fcc Classes, Industry (45 Minutes + 1 Lap)
1:45 pm Race #6 All Minis 50cc, 65cc, Pit Bikes Reduced Course (30 Minutes + 1 Lap)
2:30 pm Race #7 Team Race (45 Minutes + 1 Lap)
3:30 pm ATV/SidexSide Sighting Lap
3:45 pm Race #8 All ATV's, Pro, Intermediate, Novice, Beginner (45 Minutes + 1 Lap)
4:45pm Race #9 All SideXSides. Expert, Novice Divisions

Sign Up Now:


50cc -- 5-6 yr old & 7-8 yr old
65cc -- 5-8 yr old & 9-11 yr old
85-150cc Beginner, Novice, Intermediate & Expert
Vet 30+ Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, & Pro-100% Payback
Vet 40+ Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, & Masters
Vet 50+ Novice, Intermediate, & Masters
Vet 60+ Open
125cc-250F Beginner, Novice, Intermediate & Proo-100% Payback
250cc-450F Beginner, Novice, Intermediate & Proo-100% Payback
Women Amateur, Pro-100% Payback
Vintage Open (Pre-1974)
Bomber Open (1974-1979)
Military-Police-Fire Fighters
Industry Expert & Amateur (Must show proof of employment in industry)
Team Race – Expert & Amateur (2 riders/team)


Stock, Super Stock - No long travel, No motor work
Amateur - No motor work, long travel ok, RZR's
Pro - 800cc & under
Unlimited - SR1, Rotax, 1000cc


Junior 1 / Stock
Junior 2
Elite 1 Youth 9-15, 250cc
Stadium Modified Youth 9-15, 450cc
Elite 2 Adults, 250cc



Open Pro 200cc & up

Pro 450cc Production
91 - 250cc 2 STROKE ALL SKILLS

90cc & under 11 YRS – 7 YRS
50cc Stock 5 YRS - 8 YRS


Your safety is our number one concern! Please obey course markings as listed below:
Green Flag – Start of Race

Yellow Flag – Caution – Do not pass!
Red Flag – STOP, race has ended
Black Flag – Stop, report to track official
Checkered Flag – Race Finished

You will be disqualified if you cut the course. We will have checkpoints throughout the course with spotters and their word goes.

You will NOT be scored if you do not have the correct numbers on all three sides of your vehicle. Anyone found consuming

alcohol will be asked to leave the event. Any driver/passenger found consuming ANY alcohol or any illegal substance will not be
allowed to participate. There will be no refunds.


Arrows pointing Left, Right, Straight Ahead, will be placed around the course. Arrows may/may not be destroyed throughout the
day and it is up to you to race with caution. If you have trouble during the race, do not stay on the course, immediately move
your race vehicle off the track, before dealing with your difficulty. If at any time you must stop, move off the track as quickly as
possible. This is extremely important and is to ensure both your safety and the safety of others. Pala Raceway is not responsible
for your race vehicle, and does not provide you any medical insurance. You are solely responsible for all medical/insurance


Safety is first! 5-point harness and window netting will be required on all Trophy Karts and UTVs.


All drivers/passengers must wear full coverage clothing of close fitting design made of material suited as to provide adequate
protection to the driver/passenger. Rider and passenger must wear helmets at all times during the course of events. Helmets
must meet current D.O.T & Snell approval and be in fresh condition. All driver/passengers must wear leather boots extending far
enough up the leg as no gap occurs between boot and bottom of the pant leg with in any riding position. Boots must all offer
adequate supports and protection. Eye protections must be worn at all times and must be shatter/splinter proof material. If vision
becomes blocked or in any way impaired it is the rider’s responsibility to correct the problem before starting or continuing any
event. Gloves are recommended for additional protection.


Pit Areas must be kept clean, and all trash must be removed from the area. NO PIT RIDING AT ANY TIME.


Transponders will not be used. There will be score keepers, counting laps and checking numbers.
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This will RACE will be a 5 mile loop!! 45 min Race and 1 LAP! Mostly DESERT TERRAIN,Rocky sections,Sand wash,Long straight away's,HILL CLIMB'S and mixed up with a short track for the test MAN VERSUS MACHINE!!

Hope to see all you guys out there!!

This is for BRAGGING rights and there will be Trophy's and Tons of give away's on the day of the EVENT!! Summer Brother Axels, Stereo EQUIPMENT and much more!!!
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Hey Dan, I'm having a little confusion pre-registering on Pala's site. Seem's the classes stated here on UTVUG don't match the classes on Pala's site. Help a brother out!!!
They will be updated ASAP, You can go ahead and pre-REGISTER so we can get a count of how many RACERS we will have! TECH will verify what class your in but make sure you put what class your in on the sign up sheet.
Here we go.

I've been waiting for another GP Race.

Is this going to be a once a year thing or are we looking at a series?
So if someone does decide to race how many entry fees are there, is it one for the whole weekend or are you paying once a day:confused:, Its not very clear, and what is considered stock? and what is mod?
Here we go.

I've been waiting for another GP Race.

Is this going to be a once a year thing or are we looking at a series?
This will be a series and they will also hold a annual GP EVENT!
Come out and enjoy the low cost and HANG with the UNDERGROUND!!
So if someone does decide to race how many entry fees are there, is it one for the whole weekend or are you paying once a day:confused:, Its not very clear, and what is considered stock? and what is mod?
Stock CLASS is a SXS that has a stock motor and stock suspension!!BOLT ON'S ARE OK such as exhaust and cdi box,rollcage!
PRO CLASS is a SXS modified up to 800 cc and or under 800cc,AMATURE is LONG TRAVEL with no MOTOR WORK!UNLIMITED CLASS is unlimited motor but needs to be a FACTORY SXS, like the Rhino,RZR,ARTIC CAT,TERYX.

This should clear it up, Let me know if you guys have any questions!

Let me see if I can decipher this spanglish..........

STOCK CLASS - Factory UTV with NO MODIFICATION. Exceptions: Roll Cage, CDI, Exhaust, wheels & Tires, obvious saftey equipment. NO motor work, NO suspension modification.

AMATURE CLASS - Factory UTV with MINOR MODIFICATION. Exceptions: Roll Cage, CDI, Exhaust, Wheels, & Tires, Suspension, obvious saftey equipment. Long Travel suspension and aftermarket shocks are OK. NO motor work!

PRO CLASS - Factory UTV with Modification of Factory Motor up to 800cc, suspension, and Chassis. All aftermarket suspenion OK and fully modified chassis OK. Stock Frame Rails and Suspension Pivot Points are a MUST!

UNLIMITED CLASS - Factory UTV with modification of Factory Motor/Motor Swap up to 1000cc, suspension, and chassis. All aftermarket suspension OK and fully modified chassis OK. Motor Swaps OK. Stock Frame Rails and Suspension Pivot Points are a MUST

can we get a thumbs up on this?
no thumbs up :D jk. this is going to turn into a class/rules thread there you go joey i gave you a thread to start. if we are talking about the old classes/rule stock has always been stock right out of the dealer when you start doing CDI, Exhaust,aftermarket shocks, no lt you are super stock so on and so on
I agree...I just think there should be a Stock/Super Stock class...I dont see enough of each to merit 2 seperate classes but I could be wrong. I was justtrying to decipher Dan's chinese. I by no means am trying to set the rules, just trying to help break it down

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