On Camera At Pala Raceway

Ya know, when El Cajon MX was still around Monday night was Vet (old guys 30+) night, it wasnt enough money to keep the lights on so they included quads.
Bad mix, kinda like street bikes & cars the dirt bikes always lost in a tangle with the quads, so much so I quit riding Monday nights after getting cleaned out, I was lucky, one of my best friends who is now in a wheel chair because a quad took him out, was not. Wheel chair for life.

So Im watching that video and I see a UTV racing with quads, this is a bad idea, very bad.

The track looks cool, we were planning on dialing Codes jetting there next weekend but now Im not so sure.

Whats really interesting is one of the owners at Pala was an original owner of Comp Park II (before that idiot Jim), just down the street from Soboba, anyway they had a dozer go on one of their tracks while there were still riders on it, serously injured three riders, and now they have a track with quads and UTV's riding together....

If your out there driving watch out for the quad riders, no matter how much it may or may not be their fault they have no chance against a UTV.
A lot of us are saying this. I have gone down to pala a couple of times, and it is not a good idea to have quads and utv's together. So dangerous. Hope and pray there is no bad accidents.
They need to setup differnet HEATS for quads and SXS but on the same track.Same goes with the dirt bikes on the main track they look like ants on a track.Memorial day 3 diff times lifelight showed up in 1 day for the mx main track.

I will talk to the owner Ryan O and see what he thinks.
it is real sketchy.....When I was turning off my laps one quad guy passed me and then I was right up on another guy...I wasnt pushing him, I left off and gave him distance but I could easily see how their could be a wreck.....all in all though, riding a track was a blast! I cant wait to do it again once my car is finished...

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