National OHV Land Use Awakening?

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"The Wilderness Bills in the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act -S.22, the CPSC ban on youth OHVs, money being stolen from the California OHV Fund, Riverside County banning private tracks, trails being closed by the Forest Service’s Travel Management Rule, and many other issues that collectively appear to be causing a national off-road land-use “awakening.â€ÂÂ

Read more here . . . The General's (aka Don Amador) Recreation HQ: National OHV Land Use Awakening?

Here's just one of many PMs I receive from people who have been affected . . . all I can say is get on board with a National Organization that will fight for access to YOUR Public Lands or suck it up and take what "THEY" give you!

While I've been writing letters on bills the bastard BLM has closed off the riding area across the road where we ride. It is located between Blythe and Parker, Ca just west of highway 95. There was always a wilderness area in the Old Maria mountian's. Everyone was warned a week ago that closure was coming and there would be no ovr in the riverside area according to blm. I've attached a copy of letter from blm below. Is there anyone that we can contact in Blue Ribbon to see if we can fight to keep existing roads open, or where to go for help? The Riverside county is different than San Berdo as San Berdo has a law in the books that states that if roads existed for mining and transportation they were to be kept open. Sorry its probably too much info. The original letter was written by a Fred Smith about the treatment and questioning of weather these people were really blm personnel. BLM has NO maps of area access or roads. Looking for contacts that might be able to help us.

blm's answer:

Thank you for your e-mail.

We have no open riding areas in Riverside County. A route designation process was completed in December, 2002 that identified roads in that area that are open to vehicular use.

We have a few "de facto" or unlawfully used open riding areas in the county that we are starting to get to for purposes of protecting wilderness, wildlife habitat and other values. The area you refer to is one such area.
That day, no enforcement was done in favor of education. We realize that we need to sign the area and continue to make contacts. A riding access map for eastern Riverside County is being developed with a release date in a couple of weeks. This will help identify routes for riding.

I will talk to the staff regarding contacts made on that day.

There is plenty of riding in eastern Riverside County involving designated roads including touring loops. Open riding is reserved for areas like Johnson Valley and Glamis. No open areas in Riverside County (maybe in the future).

We appreciate your interest in riding on BLM lands. Please let us know if you have any questions.....

John R. Kalish, Field Manager
Bureau of Land Management
Palm Springs/South Coast Field Office
1201 Bird Center Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 833-7100 (FAX: 7199)


A manager should respond to this.
I usually cc: the individual who sent the inquiry however in this case I have not done so.


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