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As many of you may know Whiplash Off Road Racing canceled the Mexico race. But after a huge displeasure from several racers, most of you feel the same way we all do…….John put way to much effort and work into bringing off road racing back to Rocky Point to just let this race slip away. So a hand full of racers got together to ensure that didn’t happen. …..THE MEXICO RACE IS ON!!!!!!

This race is being promoted by racers, sponsored by racers and run by racers for the racers!

We have a financial GARUNTEE, Rocky Point & the Oasis is in full support of the race. The person that will run the race has many years experience putting on races. There will be Medical, check points, sweep riders, trophy’s and prize money, everything a professional promoted race has…..except it’s all being done by racers for racers!

We REFUSE to let this race die…….So PLEASE come out and support your fellow off road racers. If you can’t come down and race, just come down to show your support or volunteer to help! IT’S MEXICO! It’s always a blast in Mexico!

We are looking to make his race a once or twice a year event, shooting for December 2009 as the next one. But we can’t do it with out you our fellow racers! So come out and show your support!

The course is great. Just like Baja! 300 miles of fun. We are all putting our asses on the line to make this happen so if you can make it we'd appreciate it! See you in Rocky Point!

If you have any questions please contact John at 602-708-0780 or myself.

Tech and Contingency at the Desert Oasis Hotel Friday May 15th.

Entry Fees are as follows;

Pro truck and buggy - $500
Sportsman Truck and buggy - $300
Motorcycle and Atv - $125
UTV - $200

Drivers meeting Friday evening at 6 PM, May 15th (Subject to change)

Race day May 16, 2009

7:00 AM first motorcycle off the line! - 1 lap

7:30 AM first Atv off the line! - 1 lap

8:00 AM first Utv off the line! - 1 lap

12:00 noon, first Car or Truck off the line!

Pro's 2 laps

Sportsman 1 lap

Finishline closes at 11:00 PM

Book your rooms!

Option 1 - The Desert Oasis

This is the host hotel. It is nice and tech and the drivers meetings will be held here.
This hotel offers secure parking above ground.
Pools and Jacuzzi, 50 rooms
Resturant / Bar
One and two bedroom rooms

Here is the 2nd option for rooms in Rocky Point, Mexico!

La Paloma - This hotel is very nice and will have special rates for the racers.
There are secure parking areas both above and underground.
Pool and Jacuzzi, 1500 rooms!
Ocean Front
Resturant / Bar
One bedroom to five bedroom rooms
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