LOORRS Utah and Montana


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Well, I worked almost 40 hours the last three days plus stayed up till midnight for the last two weeks to finish Codes car to be able to leave this morning for Montana and the Utah round of LOORRS.

We drove 12.5 hours straight & I am sitting at a truck stop typing this in Filmore Utah about 3 hours from the track.
Tomorrow Ill drop the trailer and car thanks to the good folks at Miller Motorsports Park & Lee Perfect then head to Missoula for some time with ma and Ill put up some pics of the facility & track tomorrow night.

So far, we were almost wiped out twice, once by a trucker who did a two lane change on Cajon pass (use good tie downs for your car, I had to lock up the trailer brakes to avoid that a-hole, car never moved) and a Mustang in a real hurry to get to Beaver Utah I he swear clipped our front bumper cutting across me to make his exit.

Everyone drive safe.
the Main Gate

Heading in.
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We leave Sunday. Hitting up the Cinders, Coral Pink, Grand Canyon, and Miller Motorsports Park! I'm more excited to peep the facility than anything! :)
There is somuch going here, just like Vegas & Speed. Street bikes, street cars, vintage, driving schools with a go kart track and MX track getting ready to open for the day, the place is super clean and the couple of people I spoke with were very excited to have the racers come.
Tough to upload pics to P bucket while the wife white knuckles it through Salt Lake so here are a couple to check out. Ill do more tonite.

Edit, photos are from L to R of the front straight.

Here is the turn before the front straight, yes we are running on the asphalt in that corner.




End of the front straight.


Shot from grand stands next to the track.

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WOW! That place looks SICK!!!! Enjoy your trip Doug and thanks for giving us a peak into your adventure! I will be working on Code's stuff this week!!!
How many broken axles throughout the weekend will be attibuted to the asphalt corner?
I added some pictures above, go back and check them out.

All right, now that I have decompressed from our 1500 mile drive I was told they will build the track on Tuesday, the powers that be from MMS went to the Vegas race and were excited to get started.

Not sure how the pit deal will be but after looking at the place the bigger teams will probably be directly behind the main trackside garages on the front straight and it filtering down from there.

They have a fuel station (gas & diesel) in the pits and there are at several truck stops where you exit the freeway to head into the track.

This facility is unbelievably clean, I'm suprised they want this level of dirt anywhere near it.

Cant wait.


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