Looking to get input on starting a short course series in AZ

Hello everyone...

We joined this site to help get input on putting together a buggy, truck, utv, kart, quad, and dirt bike short course series. We're looking at doing 4 month series starting in January to get things started... If the initial 4 month day time series does well, we'll start another series for night time summer racing.

Any input on what you'd specifically like to see? Vendors, Concessions, Camping, Classes etc... ?

We're looking to hold all of the races on a one day event. The first series of 4 events will be mid-morning to afternoon events. No definates on times yet.

The series needs to be spectator friendly as well.

Does Saturday or Sunday work better for everyone? What hours work best? I know we're not going to be able to accommodate everyone.... but we'll try to get the majority covered...

We would like to take the first step to bringing the excitement of short course racing to the valley and want to make sure you get the best experience possible when participating or spectating at our events.
Your input is greatly appreciated! We look forward to some great racing action with you!

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There are a few people that have been involed in the short course for a long time. I have had my fair share of time in the sport.

I started out in the early times when it was a drivers game, you had to have some skill or you would case it or roll. And remember this is only my view. I like big jumps tight corners and wicked ass sections that would tear your car apart if you didn't hit it right, But not everybody likes that kinda racing.

In my view I dont like a lot of different classes, IE trucks bikes quads ect. I think there is enough utv's out there to put on a good show, If not, well of course you have to have fillers. But I think the utv scene is growing bigger and bigger every day.

Like I said this is only my view, I know there will be a few people with some good ideas that will post.
i also liked the original elsinor style racing they used to have with big table top and step-up jumps where its not put it to the floor and go and the racing used to be alot more reasonable priced too , i think when corr and loors all came around they really out priced most of the average racers who like to do it for fun , i remember the early days the super-stock classes were running somewhere around 20 utv and the mod classes werent to far behind , it would be nice to see more tracks and racing offered out there so good luck and keep us posted :D
huge mistake getting rid of the ss class. some of the best if not the best racing on the track. the utv racing scene is already suffering in southern california because we dont have a ss class anymore. it gives people who have never raced anything in their life a chance to race something. im not saying its easy, but it makes it accessible. way less expensive than building a mod, lets you learn, great class turnout and great racing. and yes please bring back some fun tracks. you can make a fun, exciting, risk reward and not a complete disadvantage to check jump filled track.
Bikes are way together different. and can and do support on their own merit
tracks are way diff.

I agree with some above, need some tech tracks where hp does not rule.

I personally don't agree with no or opening doors in any class, they should at least bolt on and meet material safety standards. Full bolt on cage would be great for a SS class, absolutely no stock cage of any kind. and get rid of the extinguisher bull crap, we are on a short course, not the dezert racing. that is why we have safety crews there.

even SS should be SS single and SS twin motor separation.

trust me leave the fire extinguishers. one wrong reroute of vent line after tech and its possible. or a ruptured, damaged or comprimised fuel line, other side of the track from the safety crew, it can happen quick with the exhaust header in close proximity. ive seen a short course rhino catch on fire. black socal fab car. ive seen fuel pour out of a car at corr when it was upside down, new corr vent hose routing rule that no other organization adopted. as far as no stock cage base, rules say you can use mild so thats not gonna insure a safer cage, id like to see madatory additional bracing and rear downwards from the b pillar to the rear of the car.

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